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Hi everyone!
Finally... I can share this on my blog!
I've been keeping it to myself, my husband, closed friends and family. Actually, I don't want to share it until I pass my first trimester because we don't know what going to happen but now I'm almost finish my first trimester so I can say it now.  I actually already shared this news to my closed friends and family because I cannot keep it from my closed friends and family because I need them to know my situation.
So, I'm sorry for keep it from my blog readers! I hope you understand...
I feel nervous and have a mixed feeling about this sharing because I know, not everyone is going to happy just like us. So, first I want to say I'm sorry if this news make you feel unhappy or different than ours.
But, whatever it is, we are happy to share the big and happy news with readers. So, here
Or in order words, I'm pregnant our first children.
Yes, we are super blessed!
So, there will be new section on my blog as well this new year. I will share my motherhood journey in Motherhood Journey and also my knowledge/ experience in KL, KL guide.
Please pray for our journey and I hope you guys feel happy with this news.

Aya ( Mrs Maclare)

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