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#keriitletoreview: Looking for Borneo stuff? Check out Pasar Borneo Seri Kembangan

Hi everyone~
Last Saturday morning we went to Pasar Borneo Seri Kembangan for the first time ever!! 
I knew this Pasar exist a long time already and my cousin and friend always talked about it but I never make time to go there. But, since I'm pregnant, I always craving for Borneo cuisine and it's hard to get the groceries at local groceries. So, I wait for Saturday to come and try my best to wake up early so we can buy what we want.

1. Easy to find 
Wherever you're in Klang Valley, you will easily find Pasar Borneo. Just search for the address in waze or Google Maps. Your direction must go to Seri Kembangan area, if you reach Seri Kembangan area already and you almost there.

2. Limited open time
This Pasar Borneo open 7am - 11am every Saturday. I recommended you go early because I'm afraid the barang you want to buy will be finish early.

3. Pasar Tamu look like
This Pasar Borneo is pasar tamu look like but smaller size.

4. Can Muslim friends go here?
Yes, its muslim friendly. No non halal food is sell here.  Everyone is welcome here. If you interested to see how the Borneo pasar look like or you want try Borneo foods or buy any crafts, you can visit here.

5. Not limited
From what I see during my visit, Pasar Borneo is not just selling groceries and food but they also sell crafts and ready food.

6. Limited amount
I want to buy dabai but its already sold out... I'm late for few minutes only...haha but we forgot to take the vendor food phone number so next time, we can pre book.

What you should buy if you go here?
If you're not Borneo people, maybe you don't have any idea what to buy here. I can give you a recommendation. First, you can buy cultural crafts and buy ready-made food that you can eat directly. From my observation, the sellers here are very friendly. If you're not sure, ask them which one to try.

So, that's all my review of Pasar Borneo Seri Kembangan.
Thank you Pasar Borneo SK for existing. I can eat all my craving foods for whole week and I'm the happiest. To all Borneo people, don't forget to go here and support our local Borneo sellers and food.

Here is the address, operation hours and FB for their latest update.
Address: Jalan Jinma 7, Puasat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Operation time : Every Saturday 7am - 11pm

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