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Our first antenatal class


Hi there~
Last Saturday we went to Shah Alam for our first antenatal class. If you're bujangan maybe you're not familiar with antenatal...haha, me too lah. I just heard this word since I'm pregnant. 
Let me add your knowledge, antenatal means before birth or during or relating to pregnancy
So, the class we attended about pregnancy and before the birth of our first kid. For us, this class is good because we can be exposed about pregnancy care, baby delivery process and how to take care of the baby. For me, in order to do something  this knowledge is very important. I don't want to just jump in to parenthood without any knowledge. I am a stronger believer in "whatever you do, you need to have knowledge". It may be just theory but at least we got the idea/big picture of how parenting will be like. So, I really recommend the first time parent to be to join any antenatal class. Just google and you will find it.
Next, I want to search and join class how to delivery baby.
So let's check my review on this antenatal class below.

I love this Dr talk. She really realistic and really know the situation of parent to be. Listen to her talk and experience is really encourage me. She talked about Pregnancy and her husband talked about how to delivery process. It's sound scary but he very straight to the point.

Then, the third topic is very interesting. It's all about taking care of baby from day 1...I never hold little tiny baby before so I'm not sure how it will be if I'm having my own kid...haha but I will try.

Our face after the class. As for me, I feel nervous and doubt myself and my husband seems excited but I know, he also nervous...haha
This is how it feels to have our first kid, exciting, nervous, happy, scary...haha. All feeling just mixed up!

 So, that's all for our first antenatal class experience.
I hope this can inspired you and keep us in your prayers.


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