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Pregnancy stories: The day we found out!


Hello there!
Thank you for congratulating us on my previous post and also on social media. Thank you so much! That's mean a lot for first-timer parent to be like us.
So, today I would like to share about the day we found it out! Please bear with all my pregnancy stories. I want to keep it on my blog so I can revisit it anytime I want in future. I hope you don't mind.
Happy reading!
How do I know I'm pregnant?
For a few weeks in end of October 2019, I always feel unwell, my body always feel tired and no energy, always want to sleep. I also feel weird and really don't have the idea. Also, I don't feel like to ask anyone too because maybe no lah...haha, not so fast I think.
Then, one fine morning on early November comes, I feel so sick under my stomach and feel not so good already and my husband wants to bring me to the clinic but since it's early morning so I insist to go to clinic. So, we back to sleep. Around 7am, we wake up and I feel a bit better, no more feel pain under my stomach but I got an idea to do a pregnancy check myself. Just in case lah, I thought. So, I did the check and its DOUBLE LINES ( positive pregnant) and I directly let my husband know about this! We are blessed and we achieve our goal! hahaha...

We are blessed
Honestly, we want to have kids as soon as possible as we are not getting young and we are afraid if we wait for few years to come, we will become lazy to have the kids...haha. But, no pressure actually. If we got early then we thankful and if we got later also we are thankful.
Even after I do the test myself, I still feel it's not confirmed yet so I planned to go to the clinic anytime I want. After I drop my husband at MRT station, I directly go to work and while I'm driving the under stomach pain comes again and this time it feels worse. So, I changed my direction to go to the clinic directly.
So, there I let the doctor know my situation and after do checkup, the doctor confirms it the good news.
Yes, we are REALLY pregnant! Hallelujah!!
Wow... I feel time move so fast after that. I started to go to the clinic for a checkup and some health monitoring. I honestly feel so bored to go there but need to go also for the sake of my health and baby's health.
So, here is some of the early view of our first children. Exclusive for you guys my blog readers...haha.
This is the first scan, the baby is very tiny. This is my first day went to the clinic.The doctor can't even confirm my EDD ( my estimate due date for delivery)
 Since my first scan, I cannot see the baby, so the doctor asked me to go for second scan and before my 31 birthday this year, I went again and as you can see, the baby is really there! I feel so happy to see the baby is growing.
This is my last scan. It's really growing.

I'm grateful to share this story here with you guys, I feel blessed to be able to experience this. Even though its not easy as I think but I need to be strong.
So, if you have any tips or advise for me, please comment below.


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