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Work from home #Day 9 | Lessons I learned on March 2020

Hi there,
it's Tuesday and last day of March 2020, just in case you didn't remember.
This month, I learned a lot and mostly about the basic thing, maybe just I forget about it. I easily forget nowadays, I read on google.com and they say, it's a pregnancy symptom but I don't want to use that as my excuse. Even though I can't against the nature but I try my best to remember everything. Hi everything! ahaha...my husband laughed so hard on this meme! you know what I'm talking about? or just me? hehe, never mind.
So, here is the lessons I learned this month. I write about it so I can remember.
Be adjustable/flexible
I'm still new in married life, just blessed with the pregnancy journey and now, working from home experience, I tried my very best to learned to really adjust my new life. Being pregnant and working women it's never easy but it's challenging. I'm honestly not really good at adjusting to new thing but I don't want to be like that just because I'm not good, I can do it!. Just a bit slow especially when I feel really incomplete in the facility. But, need to be adjustable no matter what.

Stress is not bad, it depends on how you take it.
One of my colleague shared about this and I'm totally agreed with her. Stress is not bad, it's depend on how you take it. Stress can "membangun" you if you choose to use it that way.The best thing work from home is whenever I feel stress, I go to my kitchen and washing dishes...hahhaa.
Working from home is never easy, this kind of environment is very new for me. I'm stressed out easily because most of the time, I'm afraid whether this response is good or not. But, I can't be like that. I need to be confident and think faster. Oh my processor, please be faster!

Every problem have their own solution
Every day we will face a problem. I like problem because it makes me think and my brain is working. I'm not over positive but I'm not really good at manage many problems at the same time...haha, I can manage but a bit slow and I need to really focus! Whenever there's a problem in your life, no matter how big or small, it has a solution. Don't give up! Please remember, none of the problem in the world no solution. What you can do is whenever you feel overwhelmed with the problem, take a break and focus. Everything will be okay.

Prioritize what's matter
I still learning on this.
I think I can't prioritize very well because I'm afraid of what people will think of me if I can't help them faster. But, I need to know how to prioritize what's matter. God, please give me wisdom on this.

Don't take it personally, improve for tomorrow
I'm not good at taking criticizes from people but I need it for improvement in my life/career. No matter how pahit ditelan, ditelan juga. I've learned to never take anything personally. No matter how hard my heart take it, just let it go and improve for tomorrow. Never take it personally, life is short to feel that way.

Be strong and never give up
Most of all, I need to be strong and never give up in this experience. It's brand new but I like a new thing. You know what, previously, I secretly prayed that I got the job that need to work from home and I really looking for that job, I got an interview but at the end, I feel it's not right and maybe not the time yet.

For those who working from home, we have a different situation and I don't know how you feel but I hope you be strong and never give up! This experience will never come again. So, while we are at it, enjoy it to maximum and never take it for granted!




Work from home #Day8 | Second Monday of WFH

Hi all!
It's my second Monday of WFH(Work from home).
I think I'm start to get used to this now...maybe, still adjusting!
There's no much update as I work as per usual.
Just my back is feel painful...arghhh



#keriitletokitchen: Cara-cara membuat Lia Akaw yang sedap dan senang

Hi semua!
Sekali lagi saya akan berkongsi resepi makanan kegemaran saya iaitu Lia Akaw atau sambal pedas orang Kenyah. My husband doesn't really like spicy food but I like it. 
I think, semua leto Kenyah must be like and know how to make it. Tapi untuk record dimasa hadapan, saya akan kongsikan resepi lia akaw. Original recepi dari We' Alan ( Sis Lenseri).
- Cili api/apa-apa jenis cili
- Ikan bilis
- Bawang merah ( kupas dan potong kecil)
- Bawang putih ( kupas dan potong kecil)
- Garam
- Gula
Cara- cara membuatnya:
1. Cuci cili selepas keluarkan tangkai cili.
2. Masukkan cili yang telah dicuci dengan bawang merah, bawang putih dan kisarkan atau tumbuk.
3. Masukkan sedikit garam, ajinomoto dan gula dan kisarkan lagi sampai menjadi seperti cili yang biasa anda lihat...haha
4. Panaskan minyak masak --> masukkan ikan bilis --> asingkan.
5. Masukkan cili+bawang merah+bawang putih yang telah dikisar tadi dalam minyak masak yang digunakan dilangkah no.4
6. Gorengkan sampai menjadi kering sedikit.
7. Lia akaw is READY!
Selepas menyediakan lia akaw ni, tangan saya terasa panas. Jika anda juga menghadapi ini, ada beberapa tips untuk hilangkan.
Tips 1. Lumurkan tangan dengan minyak masak ( sejuk) dan biarkan selama 5 minit, basuh tangan.
Tips 2. Lumurkan tangan dengan air garam * Yang ini saya belum cuba tapi anda bole cuba.
Tips 3. Lumurkan tangan dengan pucuk ubi * Jika ada pucuk ubi, jika tiada sila cuba tips#1 & 2.

Selamat mencuba dan nikmatilah lia akaw!


#keriitletokitchen: Cara- cara membuat anye ( Kuih traditional Kenyah)

Hi semua!
Hari ini saya telah mencipta sejarah dengan berjaya membuat Anye iaitu kuih traditional Kenyah. I used to see my mum and kakak to make this anye. I love it!
Now, during this #stayathome, no one can make it for me so I try to make it myself.
Just for record, here is the recipe.

- Beras pulut
Cara membuatnya:
1. Rendam beras pulut sampai lembut
2. Keringkan beras yang sudah direndam tadi.
3. Kisarkan beras pulut dengan blender
4. Gaulkan beras pulut yang dikisar tadi dengan air gula sampai menjadi seperti doh.
5. Bentukkan doh menjadi bulat/ apa- apa bentuk yang disukai.
6. Panaskan minyak di kuali
7. Masukkan dan masak sampai masak
8. Hidangkan dan makan semasa panas dengan teh perghhhh

Itu saja!
Selamat mencuba!



Work from home #Day 7 | It's been one week

Wow! It's been one week I'm working from home.
Time moves so fast.
For today, I went to the clinic for my pregnancy checkup. Since my husband is work from home today, he sent me there and I got to see a different kind of view of the clinic. I also shared my experience on this post. You can read here.
So, how I feel this one week. I have two types of feeling. I feel good and bad.

My good feeling,
- I can arrange my schedule
- I can do other things at the same time
- I can clean our home whenever I feel stressed
- I can write my blog before end of day
- I can eat whatever food I want
- Sometimes my husband works from home
- I can balance my life as working women and wife, I can prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband.

My bad feeling;
- I feel like I work 24h
- I miss my colleagues
- I miss my office
- Limited facilities
- Sometimes the network is bad and it's making conversation harder

But, after all, this one week, I'm trying my best to cope with this working from home. It's not perfect situation because it's our first time to do this. But, after this we can come out prepared for this.

Here is our dinner,
- White rice
- Ayam kicap ( cook by my husband)
- Sayur + telur ( yours truly)

Here is the close up

The ayam kicap

Thanks for visit my blog.
See you next time.


My thought on COVID-19 situation as pregnant women

Photo credit: www.unsplash.com

H everyone~
I hope you have a blessed day today and take time to pray for our nation and our family safety today. Let's do our part by staying home and pray for this situation.
After listening to our PM announcement yesterday, I feel devastated and I believe everyone feels the same. It's not I don't like it but I'm thinking of the people that need to "kerja hari" or people that need to take unpaid leave, my heart feel so heavy. Maybe our PM is hard to make that decisions.
Also, I'm on my second-trimester pregnancy. From what KKM shared, pregnant women is one of the high-risk people for this COVID-19 and as a human being, of course, I'm worried.
Not just I'm worried that I will get infected but many things ahead that bother me. 
I will due in July 2020, I know it's just March 2020 now and still has time to go but seeing the situation seems to get worse make me worry a lot. The big question in my mind right now is,
How can I deliver our baby in this kind of situation?
The hospital will be overwhelming with patients if the COVID-19 virus still not disappear or have a no cure. Also, if there's still there stubborn people that not obey the authorities.

How my mum will travel to Semenanjung to take care of me? 
We planned to bring my mum here before I give birth because we are a first-timer parent and obviously we need help. I need my mum no matter what.

How about the financial? Do will have enough money?
Of course, we save for baby but the situation seems different now. We will need a lot to spend on the baby especially the first baby. Maybe there's will be many unexpected moments that make us spend more. Prepare for the worst!
and my questions list goes on.
Today, I went to the clinic for my checkup and here what I see.

But, one thing I want to remind myself,
My husband always reminds me, everything will be okay and not to worry too much! Yes, he is right! Whenever he said that that makes me feel relief and knowing God will have mercy on us, making me feel everything will be okay.
So, to everyone that staying home and obey the government order, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
to all front liners, THANK YOU SO MUCH TOO!
To all people that still stubborn, I can't say any nasty word to you because who am I to say that and not good for baby too. 
But, you're being so selfish. I'm so disappointed with a human being like you.
While we are in this hardest situation, only God is our hope. Here is one song that make me always remind GOD IS IN CONTROL. 

During this hard time, let's take this opportunity to worship God and take care of your safety and if you work from home, do your best always.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Work from home #Day6 | Extended of MCO

Day #6, the busy and stressful day while I'm working from home.
So, I eat a lot.

For breakfast, I ate the Gardenia bread that suddenly tastes so good.

For my lunch, since I'm busy today I just got to eat these.

This chillies sauce is so good. It's from Kedah.

Then, the announcement is official.

I ate ice cream to calm down myself.

Drink orange juice to make me feel better.

For our dinner, my husband is cooking.

Our menu are,
- White rice
- Sayur + cornbeef
- Sup ayam

Simple sup ayam

Special menu for dinner

I hope everyone be strong for this extended.



Work from home #Day 5 | Our first lunch together in weekday

Today is my #Day 5 working from home and the good news is my husband also work from home but partially. Another day, he needs to go to the office as per usual. But, as long as he got day to work from home. Since we both at home, so we have a chance to eat our together in weekday for the first time EVER!! But, as for me, it's super busy day, I need to attend some meetings and discussion so I cook lunch quite late but it doesn't matter I guess because both of us is busy with our work. 
Here is our 'special lunch' today. It's very simple and quick!
- White rice
- Ikan cencaru bakar
- Tomato telur goreng ( I don't know the proper name for this)
- Cili kicap

But, sadly my husband doesn't like this fish, ikan cencaru! hahaha so I eat it myself...haha

Also, it's raining today and it makes me feel sleepy but doesn't want to 'curi tulang', need to be honest no matter what. Without boss around, need to do work properly too. It's my pride.
But, I took a little time to look outside and enjoying the raining day and the sound of rain. I missed this moment. I missed this small pleasure from mother earth that I rarely enjoy nowadays.
An exclusive view of my husband working from home.

How's your work from home experience so far?
Everything okay?
I think for me, I'm getting use to it already but sometimes I miss the office that had all the facilities and my colleagues. But, what we can do, we need to follow the flow and enjoy the moment.
For those that not working from home, enjoy your time with family and sleep time.
Again, stay at home and stay safe.



Work from home #Day 4 : No Monday blues?

It's my #Day4 working from home and it's MONDAY!!
Since this is my first Monday while working from home, maybe you curious, do I have a Monday blues? 
No!  I'm serious!
I wake up as per usual because I need to prepare breakfast and lunch for my husband and I do not continue to sleep because I will sleep until noon if like that. I know myself very well.
Also, I'm not working to survive but to thrive!! Go! Go! 
Today, I change my home office again. I bring out our computer table from our room in the living room. Last week, I got backache due to I sit on our sofa and floor. It feels uncomfortable since I'm pregnant now. 
Here is I present my work office as in the first picture.
As for work, no change. Work is busy as usual and stress as per usual but I love to use my brain and I love my busy life.
Also, have you ever live your life without your phone?
I experience to live without my phone today because I don't have a phone charger at home so my phone is dead. I got two but one I left at the office and the one I have in my house was left inside the car and my husband drove the car to work today. 
I feel so disconnected and feel so lonely as I can't communicate with others and not seeing news update and update from people...haha, I think too much! But, good experience!
At the end of the day, I CRAVING for bread Gardenia with susu pekat. So, in order to communicate with my husband, I emailed him. But, no luck! Gardenia bread is sold out everywhere. Please ignore his respond...haha

I hope you have a good Monday while you working from home.
Also, let's continue to obey and pray for this situation.



Stay at home #Day5 | Our home is our church

This Sunday is very different from the rest of the other Sunday in our life.
Because every Sunday we will go to church. But, today we just pray together in our home and watch live streaming the service on YouTube. It really feels different. But, we need to obey the authority order to stay at home and even we can't go to church, we can make our home as our church.
Seeing my little family praying together is the most beautiful event in my life and having my husband to lead us to pray( which he always did) in our home is the thing I'm really grateful for. I can't wait for our kid to see their father. They have a great father.
After our praying time, we spent the time to watch movies together and play with my growing belly! If you want to see 'exclusive' photo of my belly, you can scroll until the end. It's only for my blog readers.
Also, we enjoying raining day together. The best thing ever!

And, I make doughnuts for our tea time.

Here is my growing belly! The line has become so clear now...haha

I hope you have a great Sunday.
Don't forget to pray.



Stay at home diary #Day 4 | Uncontrollable movement to kitchen

I guess I'm 'obsessed' with dishes with butter hahaha
After I cooked Udang masak butter, now I extend it to Ayam goreng masak telur masin...haha
You can check the recipe here. 
Just like everyone else, we also have a uncontrollable movement to our kitchen.
Here is our lunch.
- White rice
- Brocolli
- Ayam goreng masak telur masin
- Ayam goreng ( My husband's favorite)
- Sup sayur terjun
- Tomato with chillies

For the tea time/dinner, we ate donut pasti jadi. You can check the recipe here.
Memang pasti jadi.
We ate this donuts with hot tea! argghh...yummy!

For supper, 
psst!! We ate instant noodles...hahaa, no photos.

I hope everyone stay safe and healthy this time.
It's okay to have uncontrollable movement to kitchen than going out. Please obey the order from goverment!
For those who stay at home and obey, thank you!
Let's do this!



Work from home #Day 3 | Try to be comfortable

20/March/2020, it's my day 3 work from home but I didn't post it yesterday because I'm too sleepy to do so. After dinner, I can't bear the sleepy eyes.
It's a very long day. I faced some issue on my work and that makes day feel so long. But, above all, thanks to God, I can finish the day.
In the early morning, I cabut one of part of our living room table, as you can see from the photo above. I need to be comfortable because I don't have working table, we have one but it's at our room and I don't want to do my work there, I feel stuffed! After all, I do my best in my work.
And, as per usual. Here is my lunch and dinner menu today.
This is my lunch, this one very quick one!

- Rice
- Ikan keli masak merah
- Terung bakar + cili

And here is the close up

This ikan keli always meletup2 when fried it...aishhh!

I tried this one introduced by my 2nd sister. Terung bakar and I love it!

For dinner, I cooked a very special menu for my husband and baby!
I discovered my own recipe back in 2014! Udang masak butter...haha, you can check it here.

Our dinner menu are,
- Rice ( I mixed it with beras kampung)
- Udang masak butter
- Terung bakar ( leftover)
- Sayur campur

Here is the close up,

After our dinner, I suddenly craving for ice cream. Luckily we have one ice cream in our fridge. But, I ate a bit and the rest my husband eat it all...hahahaa

So, that's how my day went by.
I'm thankful I have an opportunity to do my work from home and I able to cooking dinner everyday for my husband.
Now, I'm worried about laundry! All the dobi closed...
I used to go there...arghhh!



Monthsary stories: It's our 6th monthsary! What a journey...

Here is another post on 19th.
Each month, 19 is our special date because it's our 6th monthsary as husband and wife! What a journey! It's seems short but I'm grateful!
It's just 6 months but I don't want to take this moment for granted! We don't know until when we will be together. It's not I want to be separate from my husband, what I mean is we will die one day and we don't know that day. Maybe I'm the one that dies first or my husband, we don't really know. So, while we are at it, enjoy and love each other like there's no tomorrow.
To be really honest, I STILL can't believe that I'm married to the man I love and loved me. I'm grateful my love story ended up like this. I ended up with a great man that I always annoyed but still love me...haha. Thanks God!
This past 6 months, I learned that, married life is never easy. I still need to learn many things especially in rumahtangga matters like cooking, kemas rumah, get ready being a mum... but I'm ready to learn all of this for the sake of my family.
Funny fact, I just realized I didn't post about our 4th and 5th monthsary, I forget! hahaha...I will publish it after this!
Also, I missed to wear this my DIY wedding dress now! hahaha. I wore it once and in few hours so of course I miss it.
Do you miss to wear your wedding dress like me?
Please comment below.


Work from home #Day 2 | Don't take this for granted!

It's my day #2 work from home.
After I sent my hubba to work, I come back home try to searching for teh ais ( suddenly I feel craving for it!) but restaurant nearby is closed, so I straight back home.
And work from home it's getting challenging because I don't have a proper setup. I can't sit too long at our study room because my back will feel pain, I can't sit too long at sofa, meniarap or other position because I feel so sempit and uncomfortable #pregnantstruggle.
So, I started to miss my workplace ( proper office table and chair). But, I don't want to take this opportunity to work from home for granted, I will enjoy it even though my back feel so pain after sitting so long. I got the stress as per usual because I read and replies email, my brain works as per usual, just the difference is the environment. When I feel stressed, I get my broom and clean up our living room, I feel relieved a bit!
For my menu today,
for lunch, I ate leftover from dinner yesterday because I cooked so much for two! And too bad, I started to not eat properly again...oops! I ate my lunch very late.
And, for dinner, I cooked very simple menu!
Our menu today are,
- White rice
- Sup sayur + telur ( sup terjun)
- Sotong goreng yang tak berapa menjadi

Sotong goreng requested by my hubba!
Do you guys have tips on how to cook this properly?

Sup terjun ( and healthy!)

I'm really CRAVING for this since the morning.
After sent my husband to work this morning, I want to go tapao at nearby mamak restaurant but closed. So, I wait until evening and asked my husband go tapao, nasib baik ada! I never feel so relived when drink this teh ais! WOW!!

Finally, how's your day#2 going?
Everything okay?
Oh ya, before I end, I feel so geram with some people that don't really understand the direction from PM/goverment! God, please make them UNDERSTAND and JUST STAY AT HOME! 
 Also, let's take time to PRAY FOR MALAYSIA too. So, we can face this challenging situation!
Take care everyone and don't go anywhere if not important. Please lah!