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It's been awhile

02 March 2020

Hi there~
It's been a while, I'm very quiet nowadays...haha
I'm enjoying my new life ( my married and my pregnancy). Today, I decided to write because I miss blogging and not wasted my money ( I invested in my domain so I won't waste that).
To be really honest, it's very challenging to live nowadays. I've carried many roles with this one body.It's the same like yours...
I am Aya
I am a daughter
I am a wife
I am a mum to be
I am a working ladies
I am an assistant to Bendahari at my church
I am a daughter in law
I am somebody friend
I am a sister to my siblings
and the list is going on...
Life is pretty hectic with all these roles.
I am thankful because my husband support me strongly in every role in my life. He doesn't really insist me to become a wife that cooks dinner every day but flexible. When I'm okay, I will do my best as a wife but when I'm feeling not so well, he always ready to help me. Some of you maybe think it's not good like that you know. To be really honest, I don't want to be that kind of wife too but I'm just a normal human that sometimes can't so all my roles 100%. But, I'm thankful my husband help me a lot and independent.
How to handle all these at one time?
Usually, what I can do or my choice is I prioritize which roles come first. For this moment, my priority is being a great working ladies as my career is important right now,  be a better wife, stronger mum to be and always stay grounded and take care of myself very well.
I'm not complaining but just try to explain why am I so quiet...hehe
Next time, I will share my story about being pregnant working lady. One of the HARDEST roles I ever take in my life.
For now, let's enjoy life.


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