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Monthsary stories: It's our 6th monthsary! What a journey...

19 March 2020

Here is another post on 19th.
Each month, 19 is our special date because it's our 6th monthsary as husband and wife! What a journey! It's seems short but I'm grateful!
It's just 6 months but I don't want to take this moment for granted! We don't know until when we will be together. It's not I want to be separate from my husband, what I mean is we will die one day and we don't know that day. Maybe I'm the one that dies first or my husband, we don't really know. So, while we are at it, enjoy and love each other like there's no tomorrow.
To be really honest, I STILL can't believe that I'm married to the man I love and loved me. I'm grateful my love story ended up like this. I ended up with a great man that I always annoyed but still love me...haha. Thanks God!
This past 6 months, I learned that, married life is never easy. I still need to learn many things especially in rumahtangga matters like cooking, kemas rumah, get ready being a mum... but I'm ready to learn all of this for the sake of my family.
Funny fact, I just realized I didn't post about our 4th and 5th monthsary, I forget! hahaha...I will publish it after this!
Also, I missed to wear this my DIY wedding dress now! hahaha. I wore it once and in few hours so of course I miss it.
Do you miss to wear your wedding dress like me?
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