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Stay at home #Day5 | Our home is our church

22 March 2020

This Sunday is very different from the rest of the other Sunday in our life.
Because every Sunday we will go to church. But, today we just pray together in our home and watch live streaming the service on YouTube. It really feels different. But, we need to obey the authority order to stay at home and even we can't go to church, we can make our home as our church.
Seeing my little family praying together is the most beautiful event in my life and having my husband to lead us to pray( which he always did) in our home is the thing I'm really grateful for. I can't wait for our kid to see their father. They have a great father.
After our praying time, we spent the time to watch movies together and play with my growing belly! If you want to see 'exclusive' photo of my belly, you can scroll until the end. It's only for my blog readers.
Also, we enjoying raining day together. The best thing ever!

And, I make doughnuts for our tea time.

Here is my growing belly! The line has become so clear now...haha

I hope you have a great Sunday.
Don't forget to pray.


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