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Stay at home diary #Day 4 | Uncontrollable movement to kitchen

21 March 2020

I guess I'm 'obsessed' with dishes with butter hahaha
After I cooked Udang masak butter, now I extend it to Ayam goreng masak telur masin...haha
You can check the recipe here. 
Just like everyone else, we also have a uncontrollable movement to our kitchen.
Here is our lunch.
- White rice
- Brocolli
- Ayam goreng masak telur masin
- Ayam goreng ( My husband's favorite)
- Sup sayur terjun
- Tomato with chillies

For the tea time/dinner, we ate donut pasti jadi. You can check the recipe here.
Memang pasti jadi.
We ate this donuts with hot tea! argghh...yummy!

For supper, 
psst!! We ate instant noodles...hahaa, no photos.

I hope everyone stay safe and healthy this time.
It's okay to have uncontrollable movement to kitchen than going out. Please obey the order from goverment!
For those who stay at home and obey, thank you!
Let's do this!


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