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Work from home #Day 2 | Don't take this for granted!

19 March 2020

It's my day #2 work from home.
After I sent my hubba to work, I come back home try to searching for teh ais ( suddenly I feel craving for it!) but restaurant nearby is closed, so I straight back home.
And work from home it's getting challenging because I don't have a proper setup. I can't sit too long at our study room because my back will feel pain, I can't sit too long at sofa, meniarap or other position because I feel so sempit and uncomfortable #pregnantstruggle.
So, I started to miss my workplace ( proper office table and chair). But, I don't want to take this opportunity to work from home for granted, I will enjoy it even though my back feel so pain after sitting so long. I got the stress as per usual because I read and replies email, my brain works as per usual, just the difference is the environment. When I feel stressed, I get my broom and clean up our living room, I feel relieved a bit!
For my menu today,
for lunch, I ate leftover from dinner yesterday because I cooked so much for two! And too bad, I started to not eat properly again...oops! I ate my lunch very late.
And, for dinner, I cooked very simple menu!
Our menu today are,
- White rice
- Sup sayur + telur ( sup terjun)
- Sotong goreng yang tak berapa menjadi

Sotong goreng requested by my hubba!
Do you guys have tips on how to cook this properly?

Sup terjun ( and healthy!)

I'm really CRAVING for this since the morning.
After sent my husband to work this morning, I want to go tapao at nearby mamak restaurant but closed. So, I wait until evening and asked my husband go tapao, nasib baik ada! I never feel so relived when drink this teh ais! WOW!!

Finally, how's your day#2 going?
Everything okay?
Oh ya, before I end, I feel so geram with some people that don't really understand the direction from PM/goverment! God, please make them UNDERSTAND and JUST STAY AT HOME! 
 Also, let's take time to PRAY FOR MALAYSIA too. So, we can face this challenging situation!
Take care everyone and don't go anywhere if not important. Please lah!


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