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Work from home #Day 3 | Try to be comfortable

20 March 2020

20/March/2020, it's my day 3 work from home but I didn't post it yesterday because I'm too sleepy to do so. After dinner, I can't bear the sleepy eyes.
It's a very long day. I faced some issue on my work and that makes day feel so long. But, above all, thanks to God, I can finish the day.
In the early morning, I cabut one of part of our living room table, as you can see from the photo above. I need to be comfortable because I don't have working table, we have one but it's at our room and I don't want to do my work there, I feel stuffed! After all, I do my best in my work.
And, as per usual. Here is my lunch and dinner menu today.
This is my lunch, this one very quick one!

- Rice
- Ikan keli masak merah
- Terung bakar + cili

And here is the close up

This ikan keli always meletup2 when fried it...aishhh!

I tried this one introduced by my 2nd sister. Terung bakar and I love it!

For dinner, I cooked a very special menu for my husband and baby!
I discovered my own recipe back in 2014! Udang masak butter...haha, you can check it here.

Our dinner menu are,
- Rice ( I mixed it with beras kampung)
- Udang masak butter
- Terung bakar ( leftover)
- Sayur campur

Here is the close up,

After our dinner, I suddenly craving for ice cream. Luckily we have one ice cream in our fridge. But, I ate a bit and the rest my husband eat it all...hahahaa

So, that's how my day went by.
I'm thankful I have an opportunity to do my work from home and I able to cooking dinner everyday for my husband.
Now, I'm worried about laundry! All the dobi closed...
I used to go there...arghhh!


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