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Work from home #Day 4 : No Monday blues?

23 March 2020

It's my #Day4 working from home and it's MONDAY!!
Since this is my first Monday while working from home, maybe you curious, do I have a Monday blues? 
No!  I'm serious!
I wake up as per usual because I need to prepare breakfast and lunch for my husband and I do not continue to sleep because I will sleep until noon if like that. I know myself very well.
Also, I'm not working to survive but to thrive!! Go! Go! 
Today, I change my home office again. I bring out our computer table from our room in the living room. Last week, I got backache due to I sit on our sofa and floor. It feels uncomfortable since I'm pregnant now. 
Here is I present my work office as in the first picture.
As for work, no change. Work is busy as usual and stress as per usual but I love to use my brain and I love my busy life.
Also, have you ever live your life without your phone?
I experience to live without my phone today because I don't have a phone charger at home so my phone is dead. I got two but one I left at the office and the one I have in my house was left inside the car and my husband drove the car to work today. 
I feel so disconnected and feel so lonely as I can't communicate with others and not seeing news update and update from people...haha, I think too much! But, good experience!
At the end of the day, I CRAVING for bread Gardenia with susu pekat. So, in order to communicate with my husband, I emailed him. But, no luck! Gardenia bread is sold out everywhere. Please ignore his respond...haha

I hope you have a good Monday while you working from home.
Also, let's continue to obey and pray for this situation.


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