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Work from home #Day 5 | Our first lunch together in weekday

24 March 2020

Today is my #Day 5 working from home and the good news is my husband also work from home but partially. Another day, he needs to go to the office as per usual. But, as long as he got day to work from home. Since we both at home, so we have a chance to eat our together in weekday for the first time EVER!! But, as for me, it's super busy day, I need to attend some meetings and discussion so I cook lunch quite late but it doesn't matter I guess because both of us is busy with our work. 
Here is our 'special lunch' today. It's very simple and quick!
- White rice
- Ikan cencaru bakar
- Tomato telur goreng ( I don't know the proper name for this)
- Cili kicap

But, sadly my husband doesn't like this fish, ikan cencaru! hahaha so I eat it myself...haha

Also, it's raining today and it makes me feel sleepy but doesn't want to 'curi tulang', need to be honest no matter what. Without boss around, need to do work properly too. It's my pride.
But, I took a little time to look outside and enjoying the raining day and the sound of rain. I missed this moment. I missed this small pleasure from mother earth that I rarely enjoy nowadays.
An exclusive view of my husband working from home.

How's your work from home experience so far?
Everything okay?
I think for me, I'm getting use to it already but sometimes I miss the office that had all the facilities and my colleagues. But, what we can do, we need to follow the flow and enjoy the moment.
For those that not working from home, enjoy your time with family and sleep time.
Again, stay at home and stay safe.


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