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Work from home #Day 7 | It's been one week

26 March 2020

Wow! It's been one week I'm working from home.
Time moves so fast.
For today, I went to the clinic for my pregnancy checkup. Since my husband is work from home today, he sent me there and I got to see a different kind of view of the clinic. I also shared my experience on this post. You can read here.
So, how I feel this one week. I have two types of feeling. I feel good and bad.

My good feeling,
- I can arrange my schedule
- I can do other things at the same time
- I can clean our home whenever I feel stressed
- I can write my blog before end of day
- I can eat whatever food I want
- Sometimes my husband works from home
- I can balance my life as working women and wife, I can prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband.

My bad feeling;
- I feel like I work 24h
- I miss my colleagues
- I miss my office
- Limited facilities
- Sometimes the network is bad and it's making conversation harder

But, after all, this one week, I'm trying my best to cope with this working from home. It's not perfect situation because it's our first time to do this. But, after this we can come out prepared for this.

Here is our dinner,
- White rice
- Ayam kicap ( cook by my husband)
- Sayur + telur ( yours truly)

Here is the close up

The ayam kicap

Thanks for visit my blog.
See you next time.


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