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Work from home #Day 9 | Lessons I learned on March 2020

31 March 2020

Hi there,
it's Tuesday and last day of March 2020, just in case you didn't remember.
This month, I learned a lot and mostly about the basic thing, maybe just I forget about it. I easily forget nowadays, I read on and they say, it's a pregnancy symptom but I don't want to use that as my excuse. Even though I can't against the nature but I try my best to remember everything. Hi everything! husband laughed so hard on this meme! you know what I'm talking about? or just me? hehe, never mind.
So, here is the lessons I learned this month. I write about it so I can remember.
Be adjustable/flexible
I'm still new in married life, just blessed with the pregnancy journey and now, working from home experience, I tried my very best to learned to really adjust my new life. Being pregnant and working women it's never easy but it's challenging. I'm honestly not really good at adjusting to new thing but I don't want to be like that just because I'm not good, I can do it!. Just a bit slow especially when I feel really incomplete in the facility. But, need to be adjustable no matter what.

Stress is not bad, it depends on how you take it.
One of my colleague shared about this and I'm totally agreed with her. Stress is not bad, it's depend on how you take it. Stress can "membangun" you if you choose to use it that way.The best thing work from home is whenever I feel stress, I go to my kitchen and washing dishes...hahhaa.
Working from home is never easy, this kind of environment is very new for me. I'm stressed out easily because most of the time, I'm afraid whether this response is good or not. But, I can't be like that. I need to be confident and think faster. Oh my processor, please be faster!

Every problem have their own solution
Every day we will face a problem. I like problem because it makes me think and my brain is working. I'm not over positive but I'm not really good at manage many problems at the same time...haha, I can manage but a bit slow and I need to really focus! Whenever there's a problem in your life, no matter how big or small, it has a solution. Don't give up! Please remember, none of the problem in the world no solution. What you can do is whenever you feel overwhelmed with the problem, take a break and focus. Everything will be okay.

Prioritize what's matter
I still learning on this.
I think I can't prioritize very well because I'm afraid of what people will think of me if I can't help them faster. But, I need to know how to prioritize what's matter. God, please give me wisdom on this.

Don't take it personally, improve for tomorrow
I'm not good at taking criticizes from people but I need it for improvement in my life/career. No matter how pahit ditelan, ditelan juga. I've learned to never take anything personally. No matter how hard my heart take it, just let it go and improve for tomorrow. Never take it personally, life is short to feel that way.

Be strong and never give up
Most of all, I need to be strong and never give up in this experience. It's brand new but I like a new thing. You know what, previously, I secretly prayed that I got the job that need to work from home and I really looking for that job, I got an interview but at the end, I feel it's not right and maybe not the time yet.

For those who working from home, we have a different situation and I don't know how you feel but I hope you be strong and never give up! This experience will never come again. So, while we are at it, enjoy it to maximum and never take it for granted!



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