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Work from home #Day1 | I eat properly! haha

18 March 2020

Hi everyone!
Today is my first day working from home (WFH). 
It's a different kind of experience. So, I think I want to keep the record my experience on work from home these 2 weeks on my blog ( I will dedicated 1hour to write and share here).
So, here is my #day1.
In the morning, I wake up as per usual as I need to send my husband to the nearby MRT station. After that, I come home and attending a meeting with my boss and colleagues, it's quite long. And, I'm not mandi yet...haha. But, no one knows ( now everyone know...haha).
After the first meeting of the day, I have another meeting with our colleagues abroad. I can't mention details about my work as it's confidential. 
After these meetings, I called my sister to asked for her news. She also stays at home.
One thing I'm very proud today is I eat proper meal and on time! I mean, I ate my breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner. Usually, at the office, I sometimes eat late due to busyness and don't want to be crowded.
So, here what I ate today and cooked by me. So proud!!

My menu are,
- Rice
- Kerang rebus
- Cili kicap ( cecah kerang)
- Timun
- Bayam

For dinner, I cooked again and my husband ate with me!
Here are the menu,
- Rice
- Kerang masak lemak
- Sayur hijau

Everything is so yummy!
I hope during this time, I will become an expert on cooking, hopefully!
Also, I want to experience this work from home so bad before and now I got it, I will do my best.
I hope you have a nice day today.
Stay at home and make yourself busy at home.
You can do it!


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