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Pregnancy stories: Boy or girl?

Hi there!
Finally, the day has come!
We are revealing our baby gender for the first time to our family and friends. Since today is my week 30 and it's the right time to scan the baby development. So, we went to the clinic to check on the baby.
Without further due, in a very direct way, we would like to share the news, 
we are having a BOY! 
Here is our boy's face! He so grumpy because he was sleep haha. He always put his hands in his face hahaha.
I'm not sure who he take after hahaa

Thanks to God for this gift.
Let's keep bring us in your prayers.

Mrs Maclare
Mum to be!

Pregnancy Stories : Full scan our baby

Finally, the day has come for us. We finally went to full scan our baby. We want to see how our baby condition and gender.
I don't really have time to do research so I asked my friends in WhatsApp and one of them recommended this clinic so why not. It's not too expensive at all. I choose to do full scan on week 30 so supposedly it's clear.
So, here is how the clinic look like.
Here is the package we go for.
If you would like to know more, you can visit their website below:

From my personal experience, I love it here as they will share the details with you.


Work from home Day #XX | Thankful I still able to work

Photo credit: www.unsplash.com

I lost my count on how many days already I work from home(WFH).
But, I think it's been 1 month as today is our 39 days ( as per 25 April 2020) staying at home. 39 days including weekend and weekdays. Now, the MCO/PKP is extended to 12 May 2020 so I will continue to work from home until that...
For me, I think I can adapt to this new norm now. It's not 100% but I think I able to take it now. If there any lacking, of course, I need to quickly learn and adapt.
How about you?
I hope you guys are okay too.
I'm thankful I still able to work. For me, weekdays its just like a normal workday for me except I didn't see my colleagues and bosses face to face. But, I heard their voices almost every day. 
At the beginning of this new norm, it's quite tough. I've been there before. For the first week, I cried because I feel so stress. I feel like I'm too slow and can't adapt very well. I take it so hard on myself. Thanks to my husband and my colleagues especially Fath for encouraging me to go through that hard moment. 
When it feels hard, PLEASE  find somebody that can give you encouragement and share with them. This situation already hard so don't take do this alone. Also, don't forget to PRAY. It seems easy to WFH but for starting, it's never been easy. As you know, the starting point always seems hard but once you at it, you will be able to do it!
It's a new era of working style, don't give up and do your best!



#keriitletokitchen : Just another meal from our home


My WFH routine

Photo credit: www.unsplash.com

It's almost 1 month since I started work from home (WFH). This is a really different kind of experience for me and I believe anybody that work from home too. Hopefully, this experience will be useful for the future.
Today I want to share my WFH routines, for the sake of memories. Who's know we will never experience this again.

I will start my day at around 7am-8am. If my husband goes to work that day, then I wake up at 7am something to prepare his breakfast and after that, I will take a bath and get ready for 'work'.
Actually, no different for me just the environment is different.

Depends on my work schedule, just in case I will have a meeting until lunchtime, I will prepare early for lunch, I mean I will cook and cut/ defrost whatever I want to eat that lunch. After meeting, then I will cook my lunch or if the meeting after lunch, I will do it after that. After lunch, I usually feel so sleepy but I don't want to take a nap because of I afraid I will terlajak sleep, so it's better tahan saja and watch TV for a while.
After I feel better, then I will continue to do my work as usual.
Just in case my husband it's not working on that day, I will kacau him haha or we just do whatever we want.

After 5pm, usually, I start to prepare for our dinner and waiting for husband to come back home. After he arrived, my husband usually takes a bath first before anything. Then, we eat our dinner together. After dinner, then it's our relax time after a long day.

Depends on my work, if there any urgent tasks to share or to prepare, I will continue to do it. If no, then I will write on my blog and learn about video/photo editing or surfing online shop for our baby stuff.
Then, usually around 10pm-11pm, I will go to sleep...

So, this is my daily routine since I'm WFH now. I love my routine because I can take care of my family at the same time. But, this is not permanent so I will cherish it while we are at it.

How's your WFH routine?
I love to hear about it too.



Monthsary Stories: It's our 7th monthsary

Yeah! It's our 7th monthsary as husband and wife.
Thanks God we are doing great and we are together during our 7th monthsary! I didn't prepare any special but everyday with this man is special day.
Funny thing is when I asked him " What day is today?", he answered " the date we got married" hahaha. This man really can read my mind already.
Love you dear/sayang/daddy.
God bless our family

Your lovely wife, Aya


#keriitletokitchen: Popia Carbonara | Popia gemuk

Hi everyone!
Before the day end, let me share one simple and easy recipe to make for breakfast or tea time or supper.
Popia carbonara and my version is Popia carbonara gemuk.
- Kulit popia
- Sos carbonara ( I used Prego)
- Bawang Holland
- Hotdog
- Kentang

Cara-cara membuatnya:
1. Potong bawang holland, hotdog and kentang kecil-kecil
2. Gorengkan bawang holland, hotdog and kentang dan letakkan sos carbonara.
3. Gorengkan sampai masak
4. Keluarkan dan sejukkan.
5. Selepas inti sejuk, balutkan dengan kulit popia.
6. Gorengkan.

Pregnancy stories : My second trimester experience

Happy Saturday!
As I said in my previous post, there will be many updates today. It's weekend so I can write and publish many articles in my blog...hehe.
And, here is my pregnancy updates! I currently use 2 pregnancy tracking apps, BabyCentre and theAsianParent. If you're currently pregnant you can check that 2 apps. I love it!
You can check my pregnancy/motherhood series here.
Fuhh.. can't believe I'm starting my third trimester already. So, I want to share my second-trimester experience in the post. You can read about my first-trimester here.

It's different
My second-trimester experience is different than my first trimester. I don't really have nausea and vomiting but I always sakit kepala, maybe because I have low Hb since I enter my second trimester. I tried to ate whatever I can make my Hb become normal for pregnant women but the result is not so different. I'm quite tired too but don't give up!

My body shape become so different
As for my body, no big change during early second trimester but toward the end...haha, I'm suprised to see my body shape hahaha. I shared my first pregnancy photos here.

Forgetful mummy to be
Also, I become forgetful...haha, my husband feel weird but after I explained to him, he got it...haha but sometimes frustrated too. Sorry my husband and my colleagues...haha

Feel the movement
And, I can feel baby movement during late of my second trimester. During the early second trimester, I was wonder, why my baby didn't move or I didn't realize it hahaha or my belly is too big for the baby and he comfortable there? I asked my sister and some of my friends and they shared with me how it's feel and then, I know how it is! hahahaa... I'm excited whenever our baby moving or kicking.. But whenever I asked my hubba to feel it, our baby will stop move hahha. He know to teased his daddy...hahha.

Go through this journey together
As we are currently in MCO and I go through this journey with my husband alone. He is the one witnessed my belly getting bigger and I always feel hot haha. I want air-cond and fan all the time and he already mengigil hahahaha. Sorry my hubba...
I can't share the journey with my colleagues and friends...huhu but it's okay lah. Maybe the fate is like this. I'm thankful I go through this journey with my hubba alone. I can see different side of him and I'm thankful I'm married to the right man and thanks God for this wonderful gift in my life.
It's really amazing to go along with this journey. Everyday when I wake up, I am thankful that I have a chance to experience. It's not easy journey but I really feel like a women and suddenly Shania Twain song playback in the background hahaha. I don't say that any women that never experience pregnant is not feel like a women but maybe God plan for you is different. Don't worry ya! You time will come.
Another side of my second trimester, I was worried about current situation. I hope COVID-19 virus will be stop or able to be controlled soon. I want to bring my mama (We') here... We prayed for this everyday. But, if the situation is not go as we prayed, it's okay too. God will be always with us. We can do this and we going to experience different kind of life journey if like that hahha.
Whatever it is, God will always with us.

So, that's all about my second trimester.
Please bring us in your prayer again.


#keriitletokitchen : Maggi goreng ala mamak | Belajar dari YouTube Kay Kitchen

Selamat pagi semua!
Rise and shine!
Another Saturday and another day to stay at home but I'm used to it already and I love it. Now, it's weekend, I feel a bit relaxed because I finally no need to have an anxiety about my work. I want to take time to relax and 'forget' about work for a while. So, I can do my best again next week.
This morning, I'm not sure what to eat for breakfast and I navigate what we have in the kitchen and I remember, we have maggi...I know, I know... pregnant women supposedly not eat maggie but my husband sometimes eat it ( so I sneaking... kasi makan sikit).
So, I learned from my friend, Carol's Youtube for Maggi goreng. Believe or not, this is my first time I cook this succesfully. Last time, I did try but semuanya x jadi.
So, check my friend YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe!

And, as per usual, I'm particular about the photos...haha. I love taking photo and I miss photography so bad now. So, my model now is my food..hehe

The reality is my maggie goreng too salty...hahha
because I letak semua perancah ahahhaa. But, thanks God, my husband habiskan juga... thank you, Sayang!

Thanks for visit my blog.
Since it's weekend, so wait for many updates today....hahaha



#keriitletokitchen : Ayam panggang | Craving satisfied

Yes! Today I got what I want for a very long time!!! Ayam panggang!!!
I've been looking for this since before MCO but it's very hard to find this kind of food here in Semenanjung, if I lived at Sarawak, I can find it easily, tepi tepi jalan got so many.
Whatever it is, I am satisfied! I feel like I eat ayam panggang from Sarawak or Sabah! Yeah!!!
I think my blog become food blog already! hahaaa
Most of the posts its all about food and my cooking everyday. But, okay lah... my blog is lifestyle blog after all.
For time being, let's enjoy all my food post, okay?


#keriitletoreview: Tesco Order & Collect service

Hello there!
Today I lost count on my #wfh hahaha... later I figure it out! 
And, also di musim #MCO/#PKP, we're not allowed to go out buy groceries, so I found 1 "solution" which is Tesco Order and Collect service.
So, today post, I will share my review on the Tesco Order and Collect service. We tried it today.
At first, I feel hesitate but I want to try so my husband not spend much time at Tesco.
How this Tesco order and collect service work.

You can find details ( WhatsApp No Tesco according to your area).

My review:
1. You can get all your groceries
2. It's fast 
3. Some of the items we don't get it, maybe miscommunication.
But, overall we got all our groceries! Yay!
Plus point, my husband no need spent more time browsing the groceries items.

If there Tesco in your area, you can try this service.

That's all!



#keriitletokitchen: Kuih Jelak/Kuih lidah buaya | Percubaan ke-2

Ini adalah percubaan kali ke-2 saya untuk membuat Kuih lidah buaya yang telah menjadi kegemaran saya semenjak dua menjak ni hahha
Ada peningkatan tapi perlu diperbaiki lagi.

#keriitletokitchen: Terung bakar

Happy Sunday!
Okay sekarang kita berubah selera, saya akan share another favorite of mine. I don't know how to cook this actually but my second sister teach me. Before that, I want to share the benefits of this eggplant.
A Malay Lady, A Chinese Man = 2 Mixed-sons: Khasiat Terung & Tomato

Cara-cara memasaknya:
1. Gaulkan terung dengan minyak masak
2. Bakar seperti dibawah

3. Selepas dibakar, lenyekkan/tumbukkan dalam lesung batu dengan cili dan garam

So, here is our lunch today.
My husband said, so kering hahahaa, I forgot to cook any soup but just eat lah...haha

I cooked Udang masak butter, you can see the recipe here.

Ayam goreng kegemaran my dad, my nephews and my husband.
I need a vitamin C


Pregnancy stories: My first pregnancy photos

Jeng Jeng!
Hi there!
As I announced on my Facebook this evening, I'm about to release my first ever pregnancy photo! It's very low quality since these photos shoot using my phone, sorry for this.
Actually, I planned to do the maternity photoshoot at my favourite park at Putrajaya end of March/mid of April but we are in MCO right now so I guess that dream won't come true. I'm not sad but I need to find another alternative to keep this memory.
So, yesterday I took these photos. I'm surprised to see my belly haha. It's bigger yo! hahaha. My husband said, yelah...I'm on my second trimesters ( almost 28weeks now).
As for our baby, our baby is very active haha. He moved actively and sometime I can't sleep well but what to do. But, when my husband want to feel our baby movement, our baby will stop the move and teased my husband...haha
As for me, sometimes my health is not really good but need to be strong as this is a crucial time in my life.
So, here I present my first pregnancy photos.

This is test shoot hahahaa

Since I'm wearing black so it does not look so obvious so I changed my baju. Actually, this is dress but cannot go down anymore...hahaha

Thank you, everyone, for visiting my blog.
Please bring us in your prayers every day as the day is getting near and I'm getting nervous too as it's my first time. Fuhhh!


#keriitletokitchen: Cara-cara memasak pucuk ubi goreng (Kenyah style)

Selamat Hari Ahad dan Happy Easter to all my Christian friends. Kita merayakan Hari Paskah dengan cara yang berbeza sekali tahun ini. Tapi, sangat meaningful as we spent time with our family, just family and pray together.
Untuk hari ini, saya akan kongsikan resepi Pucuk ubi goreng (Kenyah style)/ Tung ubi.  Tung ubi atau pucuk ubi goreng sememangnya tidak asing dikalangan orang Kenyah.
Semasa zaman sekolah menengah rendah saya di SMK Belaga, selepas ibadah di gereja dan balik semula ke asrama, nasi putih, pucuk ubi goreng dan kacang hijau aiskrim akan selalu dibeli dan itulah nostaligia paling manis. Juga, setiap kali pulang bercuti, my mum akan menyediakan bekal pucuk ubi goreng dan lia akaw untuk bekalan di asrama. Sememangnya, pucuk ubi ini memang sesuatu yang tidak saya lupakan. Ia penuh kenangan dan sedap!
Okay lah, macam mau menangis pulak bila fikirkan semua kenangan dengan tung ubi ini.
Without further due, mari kita memasak pucuk ubi goreng ( Kenyah style).

Bahan- bahan:
- Bawang merah dipotong
- Garam secukup rasa
- Minyak masak
- Pucuk ubi seperti dibawah

- Pucuk ubi ditumbuk seperti dibawah.

Cara- cara memasaknya:
Disini ada step by step nya dan tips untuk pucuk ubi goreng.

YUMMY! Sungguh sedap dan membuatkan tambah nasi beberapa kali.

Apa menu yang paling nostalgia bagi kamu?
Sila kongsikan.