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Happy birthday 2020, sayang/daddy

10 April 2020

10 April 2020, the special day is here!
It's my husband's birthday!
Thanks to God we have an opportunity to celebrate his birthday.
Actually, I planned to host his birthday party together with a blessing to our house. But, since we are currently in MCO, we can't do that. So, we celebrate on our own and I'm happy I become the FIRST one to wish him Happy Birthday. 
That's Sayang from your lovely wife and daddy from our little one that still in the "oven" hehe. This is our first time to celebrate his birthday as my husband.
My prayers to you, God always bless and take care of you.
You're a gift to us.
For his birthday cake, I ordered early but it's really arrived early hahaha but it's okay.

No birthday photoshoot this year. Just our homely face and appearance...haha

Happy birthday again sayang!
We wait for you come back home for our dinner together <3 <3

Your lovely wife, Aya

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