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#keriitletokitchen: Kuih lidah buaya/Kuih jelak ( Percubaan pertama)

04 April 2020

Hello hello! I'm so happy finally I can eat this, Kuih lidah buaya/kuih jelak. Even though it's not same like in the Facebook, but rasa dia ada oklah! I've been craving for this since the beginning of the week...argh! I feel so lazy to make it and try to buy online, so  I've been looking for it in the Facebook marketplace but there's no COD and no post... huahuaa
Since I saw it's recipe in the Facebook, so I tried to make it myself. Jadi ke x, yang penting I try first.
Jeng jeng
Here it is!!! SAYA BERJAYA dalam percubaan pertama walaupun rupa xda...hahhaa because I was lacking of equipment. But the taste it just like I want.

How to make it?
Please check here.

My satisfied feeling after ate this kuih! Arghh... My sister and my mum used to make this and I just tolong-tolong saja...hahaa
Today is hari dalam sejarah!

Thanks, everyone for visiting my blog, that's mean you celebrate this with me...hehe


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