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#keriitletokitchen : Maggi goreng ala mamak | Belajar dari YouTube Kay Kitchen

Selamat pagi semua!
Rise and shine!
Another Saturday and another day to stay at home but I'm used to it already and I love it. Now, it's weekend, I feel a bit relaxed because I finally no need to have an anxiety about my work. I want to take time to relax and 'forget' about work for a while. So, I can do my best again next week.
This morning, I'm not sure what to eat for breakfast and I navigate what we have in the kitchen and I remember, we have maggi...I know, I know... pregnant women supposedly not eat maggie but my husband sometimes eat it ( so I sneaking... kasi makan sikit).
So, I learned from my friend, Carol's Youtube for Maggi goreng. Believe or not, this is my first time I cook this succesfully. Last time, I did try but semuanya x jadi.
So, check my friend YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe!

And, as per usual, I'm particular about the photos...haha. I love taking photo and I miss photography so bad now. So, my model now is my food..hehe

The reality is my maggie goreng too salty...hahha
because I letak semua perancah ahahhaa. But, thanks God, my husband habiskan juga... thank you, Sayang!

Thanks for visit my blog.
Since it's weekend, so wait for many updates today....hahaha


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