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#keriitletokitchen: Popia Carbonara | Popia gemuk

18 April 2020

Hi everyone!
Before the day end, let me share one simple and easy recipe to make for breakfast or tea time or supper.
Popia carbonara and my version is Popia carbonara gemuk.
- Kulit popia
- Sos carbonara ( I used Prego)
- Bawang Holland
- Hotdog
- Kentang

Cara-cara membuatnya:
1. Potong bawang holland, hotdog and kentang kecil-kecil
2. Gorengkan bawang holland, hotdog and kentang dan letakkan sos carbonara.
3. Gorengkan sampai masak
4. Keluarkan dan sejukkan.
5. Selepas inti sejuk, balutkan dengan kulit popia.
6. Gorengkan.

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