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#keriitletoreview: Tesco Order & Collect service

15 April 2020

Hello there!
Today I lost count on my #wfh hahaha... later I figure it out! 
And, also di musim #MCO/#PKP, we're not allowed to go out buy groceries, so I found 1 "solution" which is Tesco Order and Collect service.
So, today post, I will share my review on the Tesco Order and Collect service. We tried it today.
At first, I feel hesitate but I want to try so my husband not spend much time at Tesco.
How this Tesco order and collect service work.

You can find details ( WhatsApp No Tesco according to your area).

My review:
1. You can get all your groceries
2. It's fast 
3. Some of the items we don't get it, maybe miscommunication.
But, overall we got all our groceries! Yay!
Plus point, my husband no need spent more time browsing the groceries items.

If there Tesco in your area, you can try this service.

That's all!


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