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My WFH routine

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It's almost 1 month since I started work from home (WFH). This is a really different kind of experience for me and I believe anybody that work from home too. Hopefully, this experience will be useful for the future.
Today I want to share my WFH routines, for the sake of memories. Who's know we will never experience this again.

I will start my day at around 7am-8am. If my husband goes to work that day, then I wake up at 7am something to prepare his breakfast and after that, I will take a bath and get ready for 'work'.
Actually, no different for me just the environment is different.

Depends on my work schedule, just in case I will have a meeting until lunchtime, I will prepare early for lunch, I mean I will cook and cut/ defrost whatever I want to eat that lunch. After meeting, then I will cook my lunch or if the meeting after lunch, I will do it after that. After lunch, I usually feel so sleepy but I don't want to take a nap because of I afraid I will terlajak sleep, so it's better tahan saja and watch TV for a while.
After I feel better, then I will continue to do my work as usual.
Just in case my husband it's not working on that day, I will kacau him haha or we just do whatever we want.

After 5pm, usually, I start to prepare for our dinner and waiting for husband to come back home. After he arrived, my husband usually takes a bath first before anything. Then, we eat our dinner together. After dinner, then it's our relax time after a long day.

Depends on my work, if there any urgent tasks to share or to prepare, I will continue to do it. If no, then I will write on my blog and learn about video/photo editing or surfing online shop for our baby stuff.
Then, usually around 10pm-11pm, I will go to sleep...

So, this is my daily routine since I'm WFH now. I love my routine because I can take care of my family at the same time. But, this is not permanent so I will cherish it while we are at it.

How's your WFH routine?
I love to hear about it too.


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