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Pregnancy stories: My first pregnancy photos

12 April 2020

Jeng Jeng!
Hi there!
As I announced on my Facebook this evening, I'm about to release my first ever pregnancy photo! It's very low quality since these photos shoot using my phone, sorry for this.
Actually, I planned to do the maternity photoshoot at my favourite park at Putrajaya end of March/mid of April but we are in MCO right now so I guess that dream won't come true. I'm not sad but I need to find another alternative to keep this memory.
So, yesterday I took these photos. I'm surprised to see my belly haha. It's bigger yo! hahaha. My husband said, yelah...I'm on my second trimesters ( almost 28weeks now).
As for our baby, our baby is very active haha. He moved actively and sometime I can't sleep well but what to do. But, when my husband want to feel our baby movement, our baby will stop the move and teased my husband...haha
As for me, sometimes my health is not really good but need to be strong as this is a crucial time in my life.
So, here I present my first pregnancy photos.

This is test shoot hahahaa

Since I'm wearing black so it does not look so obvious so I changed my baju. Actually, this is dress but cannot go down anymore...hahaha

Thank you, everyone, for visiting my blog.
Please bring us in your prayers every day as the day is getting near and I'm getting nervous too as it's my first time. Fuhhh!


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