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Pregnancy stories : My second trimester experience

18 April 2020

Happy Saturday!
As I said in my previous post, there will be many updates today. It's weekend so I can write and publish many articles in my blog...hehe.
And, here is my pregnancy updates! I currently use 2 pregnancy tracking apps, BabyCentre and theAsianParent. If you're currently pregnant you can check that 2 apps. I love it!
You can check my pregnancy/motherhood series here.
Fuhh.. can't believe I'm starting my third trimester already. So, I want to share my second-trimester experience in the post. You can read about my first-trimester here.

It's different
My second-trimester experience is different than my first trimester. I don't really have nausea and vomiting but I always sakit kepala, maybe because I have low Hb since I enter my second trimester. I tried to ate whatever I can make my Hb become normal for pregnant women but the result is not so different. I'm quite tired too but don't give up!

My body shape become so different
As for my body, no big change during early second trimester but toward the end...haha, I'm suprised to see my body shape hahaha. I shared my first pregnancy photos here.

Forgetful mummy to be
Also, I become forgetful...haha, my husband feel weird but after I explained to him, he got it...haha but sometimes frustrated too. Sorry my husband and my colleagues...haha

Feel the movement
And, I can feel baby movement during late of my second trimester. During the early second trimester, I was wonder, why my baby didn't move or I didn't realize it hahaha or my belly is too big for the baby and he comfortable there? I asked my sister and some of my friends and they shared with me how it's feel and then, I know how it is! hahahaa... I'm excited whenever our baby moving or kicking.. But whenever I asked my hubba to feel it, our baby will stop move hahha. He know to teased his daddy...hahha.

Go through this journey together
As we are currently in MCO and I go through this journey with my husband alone. He is the one witnessed my belly getting bigger and I always feel hot haha. I want air-cond and fan all the time and he already mengigil hahahaha. Sorry my hubba...
I can't share the journey with my colleagues and friends...huhu but it's okay lah. Maybe the fate is like this. I'm thankful I go through this journey with my hubba alone. I can see different side of him and I'm thankful I'm married to the right man and thanks God for this wonderful gift in my life.
It's really amazing to go along with this journey. Everyday when I wake up, I am thankful that I have a chance to experience. It's not easy journey but I really feel like a women and suddenly Shania Twain song playback in the background hahaha. I don't say that any women that never experience pregnant is not feel like a women but maybe God plan for you is different. Don't worry ya! You time will come.
Another side of my second trimester, I was worried about current situation. I hope COVID-19 virus will be stop or able to be controlled soon. I want to bring my mama (We') here... We prayed for this everyday. But, if the situation is not go as we prayed, it's okay too. God will be always with us. We can do this and we going to experience different kind of life journey if like that hahha.
Whatever it is, God will always with us.

So, that's all about my second trimester.
Please bring us in your prayer again.


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