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Pregnancy Stories : Pregnant during MCO/PKP

Hi there!
Do you still recognize me?! haha
My size is different now but I still the same person...haha.
I would like to share my experience of being pregnant during the Movement Control Order (MCO)/PKP. Now, the PKP is ended and replaced with PKPP, here is my experience.

In the beginning
When the first time government announced the enforcement of MCO, I was feeling quite a shock but it's expected. I don't really care, because I thought it will end after two weeks and then should be okay.
But, after observing the trend, I knew it not going to back to normal. The situation is different now and I started to think too much especially because I planned to bring my mum with us end of May or early June. Also, at the same time, I also need to work from home which is new norm for me. I was too stressed! I need to get used to the new way of work, work from home. You can check my WFH diary HERE.
Being stressed is not good during pregnancy so I tried my best to fix it. Thanks to my colleagues, they support and give me encouragement to go through this new norm. As day gone by, I get used to it.

What do I really think during the MCO?
1. It's my work
- My work is my priority during this time. I need to adjust to this new norm. I can't be stressed all the time. Also, I need to do my best as I need to have output even I'm not at the office.

2. Our baby arrival preparation.
- I knew that our preparation is on hold as all the shop is closed! I ordered some items online but it took time. Luckily, from PKP to PKPB, we can do our preparation. I'm not sure if it's perfect preparation but we do our best.

3. Future situation
- What will happen if this COVID-19 continues until my due date?
- Will my mum/mother in law able to come to KL?
Lastly, we just surrender to God. As long as my husband is with me then I will be okay. I know, a lot of you said, I need someone while I'm on my confinement period, I totally get it and appreciate your thoughts but our situations are different now and we must take this challenge. When the situation allows, I will bring my mum to KL when the right time comes.
Whatever it is, we surrender everything in God's hands. Who am I to control all this?
No matter how the future will look like, I will go for it! It will be not like what I think but I knew God will always there.

For the memories shake, here are my pregnancy photos. Later I will drag my husband...

Thank you for visit my blog and don't forget to bring me and my family in your prayers.

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