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Thank you,sayang!

02 April 2020

It's April and as I mentioned in my previous post, it's my husband's birthday month.
But, why I got 'birthday's gift"?? haha. A girl just being a girl, right?
Finally, we got the office chair. When the first week of my working from home, I complained that I got back pain. Maybe because I just sit on our kitchen chair and it's not comfortable. When I complaining, he just says...ermm so I thought he will not doing anything, then he just looking at her phone and the night continues as usual. I thought we just can't do anything on this so maybe need to bertahan sajalah for another two weeks. 
Then, the next day, he told me he bought the office chair already and in couple days, it will be arrive. I was ahhh!! then awww!! hehe.
Just no words, I'm proud of my husband! He is the man of full of action. Just like man I dreamed of, I love a man with action.
Thank you, Sayang! Love you mucho!

Thank you for visit my blog.
See you next time!


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