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Work from home #Day 11 | Emergency happened

02 April 2020

Oh, God!
Today is SCARIEST DAY in my life as pregnant women!
I'm trying to be a good blogger so I will share the story details here.
This morning, I wake up early since I had a meeting at 8.30am and my husband goes to work today, so I need to prepare breakfast for him. I can't just let him go without eating breakfast.
After he went to work, I start working and host meeting as per usual. After my 8.30am meeting, I eat light breakfast ( roti bakar and jus oren) and planned to eat my heavy breakfast after 9.30am meeting. But, today is not just a good day. Suddenly around 10.30am after second meeting, I feel so painful in my chest area. It's feel like gastric but I'm not sure. As pregnant women, I can't just simply eat medicine so I plan to go clinic/hospital and I try to tahan but the pain is getting stronger and more frequent.
So, I called my husband to come back home but too bad, there's no train during this hours. It's limited time now. So, I called my neighbour, Wani! Thank God she is home! So, I asked her to help to bring me to clinic. But, as times goes by, it's getting too painful and I'm scared if anything happen. So, I called my friend, Maz to asked her opinion, should I go to clinic or hospital? Since she is experienced, she suggest me to go hospital, just in case. So, I went to nearby hospital.
While waiting, I still feel so painful and then, I consulted with 2 doctors today. One for me and one for the baby. I'm worry about the baby.
Thanks to God, I'm okay and baby also okay. Just maybe I eating late today so that's why. Need to be extra careful after this.
As for baby, our baby moving and active as per usual. It's good to hear our baby heartbeat and how our baby looklike.
I already know the gender but not sure because our baby don't want to show it.
So, need to go for full scan by end of this month.
It's so scary to think of this experience now. Fuhh!
Please pray for me and baby.
Thank you so much Wani for helping me today and buy me lunch. Thank you very much, God bless you and your family.
After rest for awhile, I continue to do my work. That's the best thing work from home. I can work anytime.
So, here is our dinner.

Thanks for reading my blog today.

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