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Work from home Day #XX | Thankful I still able to work

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I lost my count on how many days already I work from home(WFH).
But, I think it's been 1 month as today is our 39 days ( as per 25 April 2020) staying at home. 39 days including weekend and weekdays. Now, the MCO/PKP is extended to 12 May 2020 so I will continue to work from home until that...
For me, I think I can adapt to this new norm now. It's not 100% but I think I able to take it now. If there any lacking, of course, I need to quickly learn and adapt.
How about you?
I hope you guys are okay too.
I'm thankful I still able to work. For me, weekdays its just like a normal workday for me except I didn't see my colleagues and bosses face to face. But, I heard their voices almost every day. 
At the beginning of this new norm, it's quite tough. I've been there before. For the first week, I cried because I feel so stress. I feel like I'm too slow and can't adapt very well. I take it so hard on myself. Thanks to my husband and my colleagues especially Fath for encouraging me to go through that hard moment. 
When it feels hard, PLEASE  find somebody that can give you encouragement and share with them. This situation already hard so don't take do this alone. Also, don't forget to PRAY. It seems easy to WFH but for starting, it's never been easy. As you know, the starting point always seems hard but once you at it, you will be able to do it!
It's a new era of working style, don't give up and do your best!


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