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My hospital bag preparation | Guidelines for new mum

Happy Friday!
Today, I want to share my hospital bag preparation. I do my preparation based on my reading from various websites and asked my sister.
You can check my video regarding my preparation as below:
or if you prefer read my blog, you can see the list of items on my hospital bag as below.
1. Maternity pad - Done
Which one is preferrable?My sister said buy the Libresse.

2. Stoking pantang - Done

3. Pakaian (t-shirt) - Done
4. Kain batik/skirt - Done

5. Disposable panties/seluar dalam pakai buang - Done
6. Towel - Done
7. Minyak panas

8. Penutup kepala
9. 1 set toiletries ( small size) - Done
10. Sweater - Done
11. Nursing bra
12. Selipar - Done

13. Makanan ( Biskut, Milo/Horlick & kurma) - Done
14. Mug - Done

15. Thermos - Done
16. Buku pink - Done
17. IC - Done
18. Photocopy of sijil kahwin - Done
19. Suami IC - Done

And, not to forget my photo with my hospital bag.

Thank you for visit my blog and bring me and my baby in your prayers.



Bimpin teka le ketai nyenang tain | I want to go picnic

Hi there!
I saw my fellow kampung people shared their video at this place so its make me missed this place so bad.
Engke pe ilu sokat tai nyenang odai, beng naat gambar odai.


You used to make me happy | My first FOSSIL watch

This is one of the sad posts I make on my blog as of today.
It's about the watch that I bought for myself as a reward back in 2017.
It's DEAD this year! 
Yes, I can go fix it but for now, I would like to keep it. It's too valuable for me. My husband said, buy a smartwatch but I love the classic watch, that makes me feel so happy.
So, here is my thing that used to make me happy.

Look so good, right?

I even engraving KERIITLETO on it!
This KERIITLETO will be my brand forever!

Why did I prefer classic watch than smartwatch?
I just love CLASSIC stuff and I just love it!

To my lovely watch,
thank you for making me feel so happy all the while! I will go fix you when the economy is well, okay?



House Update: #keriitletohome May 2020 | How its feel to own house

Happy Sunday!
It's been a very long time since my last update on our house. I've been so uninspired, a lot of in-progress also I'm busy with life. But, since today is Hari Raya and I feel the spirit of Hari Raya so we kemas our house and bought few items at IKEA so our house look like proper house lah. 
After we get married, there's so much improvement in this house but I don't really have time to capture the moment or photos.
Speaking of this house, I bought this house before I get married to my husband. And, I think that is the smartest move ever I made in my life so far...haha.
Now, my husband lived with me since we get married in September 2019 and we take care of this house together. For those who just married, they know the early married life. We don't really have anything inside the house as we move in but we slowly upgrade this and that.
Owning your own house is fun and at the same time its really challenging. I will share the both side.

#Fun side of owning a house
- Owning feeling is the feeling I love the most ( of course, I need to pay the house loan to bank so not really my own but have my name under my house is the best).
- Can decorate the house whatever you want.

#Dark side of owning a house
- Money ( everything needs money)
- Challenging your money management

You can read or check out our house update by click on Lifestyle > Keriitleto Home. 

My favorite corner now
Also favorite...all favorite lah

And, here is the behind the scenes. Thanks to my husband for set up everything and I'm just tukang ask him to do that and this...haha

Finally, if you want to ask an opinion regarding buying a house on your own, you can contact me. I will share my experience.
For now, that's all for house update.