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Delayed birthday gift

Finally, we can buy a birthday gift for my love/daddy after postponed it for almost one month. Last month is my husband's birthday and I've promised to let him buy new shoes for his birthday, whatever shoes he likes. My husband is very particular when coming to shoes. He will buy shoes for long term use. So, he don't play play when come on hunting the right shoes.
Actually, he already bought new shoes in January but he doesn't fit him, wrong size.  I don't know why he bought it at first place. Maybe he want to buy it for me kot but shy to admit it...hahhaa. So, I'm the one that wears that shoes now...hehe, free- free dapat new shoes...hahaha.
So, he back to wearing his old shoes. It's PUMA and that shoes were really worth of money. But, this month that shoes already really worn out, pencen already and really need shoes. It's no longer want but need.
Since, our area is apply CMCO, so we went to buy shoes yang diidam-idamkan. He been searching and hunting the shoes online for long time already. So, here is the shoes. I love to see him in that shoes.
So, here is the first day he wearing the shoes...haha, I captured every moment for memories.

Here is the 'footage' of the hunting process. We didn't spend much time like before because of we also afraid to spend a long time outside our house.

I hope you like it sayang.
Happy Birthday again! 


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