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My tips on buying shoes during pregnancy


Last week, I started go to the office, it's not the full week but twice/week.  It's been almost 2 months since I work from home. I rarely wear my shoes...haha. So, when I went to work for the first time this week, I noticed that my feet so painful even I wearing my sport shoes went to work....haha.  Most of my shoes are not slip-on type, semua jenis yang bertali so it's hard for me to wear it. I need to bow down to tie it.  To solve this problem, I told my husband, let's search and buy comfortable shoes. 
So, we went to Bata, my favourite shoes shop. search for slip-on shoes. I don't really fan of window shopping, I mean when I need something, I will browse on the internet first and then go looking for it at the physical shop and if it's fit and I love it, I will buy it! Now, it's not a good time to spend a long time outside so lagilah... I browse, try it and buy it. This time, this slip on shoes really catch my eyes. I love the design and how it's look like. When I tried it, oh yes! It's fit!!! So, I buy it directly. Hopefully this shoes will be berkhidmat dengan cemerlang!
While I'm browse for shoes for pregnant women, I check the tips too so here is my tips on buying shoes during pregnant. I hope its helpful!

And, as per usual. I will take my shoe photos for memory. Enjoy! What do you guys think?

I hope this will help a new mama out there!
For the experienced mama, please do share your tips too. I love to hear it.


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