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My hospital bag preparation | Guidelines for new mum

Happy Friday!
Today, I want to share my hospital bag preparation. I do my preparation based on my reading from various websites and asked my sister.
You can check my video regarding my preparation as below:
or if you prefer read my blog, you can see the list of items on my hospital bag as below.
1. Maternity pad - Done
Which one is preferrable?My sister said buy the Libresse.

2. Stoking pantang - Done

3. Pakaian (t-shirt) - Done
4. Kain batik/skirt - Done

5. Disposable panties/seluar dalam pakai buang - Done
6. Towel - Done
7. Minyak panas

8. Penutup kepala
9. 1 set toiletries ( small size) - Done
10. Sweater - Done
11. Nursing bra
12. Selipar - Done

13. Makanan ( Biskut, Milo/Horlick & kurma) - Done
14. Mug - Done

15. Thermos - Done
16. Buku pink - Done
17. IC - Done
18. Photocopy of sijil kahwin - Done
19. Suami IC - Done

And, not to forget my photo with my hospital bag.

Thank you for visit my blog and bring me and my baby in your prayers.


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