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Pregnancy Update: Start my third trimester

Hi there!
As I write this post, I'm on my 34 weeks pregnancy, third-trimester pregnancy.
Whoaaaa!!! I can't believe the day went by so fast. I must say, I'm quite nervous and excited at the same time. But, since I'm busy with my work so that ease my nervousness but when I go to sleep at night, the anxiety is really there! 
For the material preparation, I can say we already prepare 90%, I can't say 100% as I'm not sure whether it's really ready or not. I'm thankful because my husband is here with me during my pregnancy and help me endlessly for the preparation. Also, not to forget to say thank you to my cousin, Amy for giving us some of their baby ( Onet)'s stuff, we really appreciate it.
Usually, I will update my pregnancy after each of trimester end but this time, I will share my current trimester as I'm not sure if I'm able to update after the end of my 3rd trimester or after I deliver the baby. Most of the people shared, mum will don't really have time after delivering the baby.
Here are some of the challenges that I face during my 3rd pregnancy.

Challenge #1: All my clothes and pants mostly not fit anymore.
One of the obvious challenges is this and it's expected. I'm really expanded and I'm getting bigger day by day especially my belly. I can wear some of my clothes but it's usually hanging or tight at my belly area. As for pants, only my elastic pants can fit( thanks to my Uniqlo pants, it's elastic). So, early May, we went shopping for my new clothes. I will share the tips on how to buy clothes and pants during pregnancy on a different post.

Challenge #2: My feet feel so painful
This one is the hardest I think. As I still need to go to work so I need to wear shoes/sandals. I already shared how to buy my shoes during pregnancy but still, it's really painful! So, I went to Bata again and buy sandals that I never thought I will buy. I buy sandals like my mum's sandals. No wonder my mum like to wear that kind of sandals. It's really comfortable!

Challenge #3: Anxiety to delivery
It's my first time to deliver the baby and for sure, I feel the anxiety. I'm not sure what is the right way to do it and I'm not sure how it will work and so many things in my mind. But, I surrender everything to God. God will be always with me. Please bring me in your prayer ya.

Challenge #4: Is our preparation is enough or not?
While waiting for our baby, we need to do some preparation. What I mean preparation here is material preparation and mental preparation. For material preparation like baby's clothes and etc, I can say we 90% prepared! Thank God for your blessing. As for mental preparation, this one cannot be measure but we are trying to feel prepare. We are surrender everything to God.
Just for memories, here are my selfies.

Lastly, thank you for visit my blog.


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