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You used to make me happy | My first FOSSIL watch

25 May 2020

This is one of the sad posts I make on my blog as of today.
It's about the watch that I bought for myself as a reward back in 2017.
It's DEAD this year! 
Yes, I can go fix it but for now, I would like to keep it. It's too valuable for me. My husband said, buy a smartwatch but I love the classic watch, that makes me feel so happy.
So, here is my thing that used to make me happy.

Look so good, right?

I even engraving KERIITLETO on it!
This KERIITLETO will be my brand forever!

Why did I prefer classic watch than smartwatch?
I just love CLASSIC stuff and I just love it!

To my lovely watch,
thank you for making me feel so happy all the while! I will go fix you when the economy is well, okay?


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