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Pregnancy Stories: 30 June 2020 | Waiting moment

I thought I will deliver the baby on this day.
But, I experience something that totally new for me. For the first time ever the doctor "seluk" my vagina to put the ubat induce...oh my God! It's so painful! I can't work properly (but need to walk no matter what).
Then, need to wait whether I got contraction or not. If no, then they will insert another dose. If got contraction, then I will wait until it's getting stronger!
So, need to wait another day. It's super challenging! Here is some photos that I managed to captured.

My husband without fail bring me the porridge. I love you, sayang!

While waiting

Finally, they inserted the antibiotics

Too painful after they inserted the induce dose

This look scary to me now

Checking my baby's heartbeat

Hospital food. Thankful!

Our bags

My second bed



Pregnancy Stories : 29 June 2020 | The starting point

I will remember this moment for my entire life. It's the starting point of my deliver baby story.
We already expect it but when the moment comes, we are quite nervous too.
Around 3am, I woke up because I feel like I want to pee. But, I realized I feel different when I see the colour of my pee but I'm not sure. I'm really the first timer...haha.
So, I went back to sleep after change whatever necessary.  Then, I remember what I read, if you want to make sure it's air ketuban, try to wake up again and feel it. I don't know how to describe it but it really feels different. When I get up, I feel like tertumpah and when I went to the bathroom again...OMG!
Then, I wake my hubby up and told him we need to go to the hospital asap because it seems my air ketuban leaking.
Since hospital Kajang is the nearest, we went there. It's one of my unwise decision ever but I thought they will just check what happens and maybe I will go back home. But, after they checked me, they informed I will admit to the hospital. But, I am a bit disappointed with the hospital because they never explained to me details why do I get admitted. Maybe they're too busy I guess.

This view is scary I think...haha



Tesco shower gel review

Hi there!
This time, let's skip food or drink review. I want to review about Tesco shower gel. I just discover this lately and it's smell so good and the price is super affordable. One bottle for RM5!
It's saved my money!! Yeahhh!! It seems its almost sold out at Tesco and I managed to grab 3 as below.
1. Extract coconut shower gel
2. Extract tropical shower gel
3. Extract Sea mineral shower gel

So, don't forget to go try it!


Best ker Pasar Borneo,Seri Kembangan?

Hi, semua!
This is my second review on Pasar Borneo, Seri Kembangan. You can read my first review HERE.
This time, I make a video so you can clearly see it.
So, best ker Pasar Borneo, Seri Kembangan?
Watch here and judge yourself ya. If you have any comment or any question, you can always comment below.

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More videos come soon.



Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara review | Bangi area


The Chicken Rice Shop Food Review | Father's Day Dinner 2020

Bersempena dengan Hari Bapa semalam, kami pergi makan di The Chicken Rice Shop. Also, now they're having promotion!!
RM20 per 3 pax. Originally, I thought my sis in law will come back home so we went eat this set lah but she didn't coming so we both go eat and my husband eat 2 plates of rice hahhaa and two drinks.
My review of this set,
Worth it wei! also sedap too.
I am not really a fan of chicken 


My husband says goodbye to his PKP hair

Jeng jeng!
Finally, my husband decided to cut his hair after almost four months. I'm excited too because I love to see my husband with short hair, I feel rimas plak see him with long hair...haha
So, just to keep the memories, I recorded the mini journey.
You can watch below.

Here is his PKP hair.

New hair!
Hensemnyaa daddy!! 

My husband can smile k.

But, that smiles are just for me...hehe
So, back to his usual nature, no smile for camera!! Grumpy look. He is not angry but this is his usual pose.

Love you sayang!