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Monthsary Stories: Our 9th monthsary

Today is our 9th monthsary!

Puji Tuhan!
As per usual, my question to my hubba when this day come "What day is today?", yes I know its kind of annoying question...haha
My husband always remember as its his routine to remember particular date now...haha
As per usual, we went to celebrate our 9th monthsary. This time we went to eating out at Manhattan Fish Market, IOI. Originally, we planned to celebrate at The Chicken Rice Shop but their rice is sold out! We loved the chicken rice here so sedapppp. You should try if you haven't try.
As no other option, so we went to Manhattan Fish Market. I reviewed the food HERE. Please check it out!Back to monthsary thing...
I think this will be last monthsary together as we will welcome our baby soon. I'm not sure whether we will able to do this routine anymore? hahaa, I heard having a kid change everything. I hope we can handle it well.
For now, happy 9th monthsary to us.
Love you so much my hubba. 


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