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My giving birth story | 1 July 2020, 9.30pm

1 July 2020, 9.30pm is the day and time I will definitely NEVER FORGET in my life.
Because this is the day I gave birth to our first child, Karl Sibal.
So, here is my giving birth story. This post will be brutally honest, I don't mean to scare you but this is reality and what happened during my giving birth experience.

Have you heard of this "Before the joy, there will be a storm". In order to receive our joy, I need to go through the storm. What really make it biggest storm was I gave birth during the pandemic so my husband is not allowed to accompany me in the labor room. So, just me fighting this!
I don't blame my husband at all for this, what to do, it's not his rezeki to see me fighting and being so painful. 

I admited to hospital at 29 June 2020 because my air ketuban already leaking. I thought I will give birth very soon but it's not! I stayed at hospital from 29 June, 30 June,1 July until 4 July 2020.
On 29 June 2020, a lot of monitoring going on and there's no opening so the doctors and nurses just monitoring me. It's so tiring at hospital, it's so crowded! It's so hot also. I was placed at after give birth area because there's no enough bed for pre give birth area.
On 30 June 2020, I got my first induction ( ubat induce), ehhh gilakkkk! The nurse just insert it into my vagina and I shaking after she inserted it. Gilakkk! Thinking back, it's very scary! After I got my first ubat induce,  I need to wait until afternoon 1/July to see whether I will get contraction or not. If not, then another dose of induce.
Then, before the afternoon, I already got a contraction! It feels so strong! It's feel like period pain but its constant pain, every five minutes.
So, here is the timeline ( based on what I remember):

1 July 2020, 2.30pm
I was sent/jalan on my own go to labour room.

1 July 2020, 2.30pm- 7pm
In the labor room, the doctor and nurse asked me whether I want epidhural, I can't think well because I've experienced contraction so I just say yes! ahahha. So, they the procedure to inserted epidhural and I fainted until 7pm.

1 July 2020, 7pm- 8.30pm
After I fainted for few hours, I wake up and I feel the contraction become stronger and I called for doctor and when the doctor check my opening ( just seluk okay!), my opening now is 8cm. Its almost there. I need to have 10cm opening to start teran and gave birth.

1 July 2020, 8.30pm- 9.30pm
After few minutes, I called for the doctor again because I feel like I want to teran already and when the doctor check, the opening is already 10cm and they just asked me to teran! Oh Dear Lord! While I doing the teran, my son almost out, his kepala already almost outside, I fainted! 
So, the doctor need emergency vacuum they called it. So, my son kena vacuum and he come out and they gave me skin to skin and I just out of world! I don't remember after that!

After 9.30pm :
I was fainted but I hear the nurse asked permission to jahit me. Oh dear Lord!
At the same time, the doctor also take out the epidhural thingy. Oh God! I feel so painful this time.

Around 1.30am:
I wake up and asked for milo because I feel hungry but after drink milo, I vomit it and I vomit a lot!

Around 2.30am : 
I was discharged from labor room to ward. This time, I saw my baby for the first time ever. Ohhh he is so cute and calm. Start from this, we started our journey together.

As you can see there's blood on me, I got two needles on my hands after I gave birth and it's burst! And, the doctors and nurses come late because it's 3am in the morning so as expected, they still mamai2 of course.
But, I don't blame them for being late.
It's just my fate to have this kind of experience.

So, that's it my giving birth story.
As of this post written, I honestly still trauma and I am not sure when I want to go through this again. I feel trauma....
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