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Pregnancy Stories : 29 June 2020 | The starting point

I will remember this moment for my entire life. It's the starting point of my deliver baby story.
We already expect it but when the moment comes, we are quite nervous too.
Around 3am, I woke up because I feel like I want to pee. But, I realized I feel different when I see the colour of my pee but I'm not sure. I'm really the first timer...haha.
So, I went back to sleep after change whatever necessary.  Then, I remember what I read, if you want to make sure it's air ketuban, try to wake up again and feel it. I don't know how to describe it but it really feels different. When I get up, I feel like tertumpah and when I went to the bathroom again...OMG!
Then, I wake my hubby up and told him we need to go to the hospital asap because it seems my air ketuban leaking.
Since hospital Kajang is the nearest, we went there. It's one of my unwise decision ever but I thought they will just check what happens and maybe I will go back home. But, after they checked me, they informed I will admit to the hospital. But, I am a bit disappointed with the hospital because they never explained to me details why do I get admitted. Maybe they're too busy I guess.

This view is scary I think...haha


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