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#Pregnancy Update: Ready for it?

While I'm writing this article, I'm pregnant 38 weeks. Yes, still pregnant! It's getting challenging now. I sometimes can feel the false contraction but I'm not yet...haha. I feel "funny" and nervous sometimes when I told my husband I feel not feeling well especially when he at his workplace. We feel like it's "bom jangka" now, always get ready because this definitely going to "explode" someday.
I still go to work as usual but sometimes I can't go due to my body can't take it but I also can't stay at home too due to I will be alone, my mums are not here yet so it's better to go to work. I have my colleagues over there. I hope no drama there soon.
As my due is getting near, I a bit worried about many things. By writing it here, I feel a bit relieved.
1. My work
I'm currently trying my best to transfer my job temporary to my fellow colleagues as I will go for maternity leave for 2 months. I don't know how my work will go when  I'm away but I believe in my colleagues and my boss but I still have worried. I'm afraid to make them feel confused or whatever that makes them feel uncomfortable. But, after all, who am I to control that, right? For now, I ease my mind by believing in them and take it easy.

2. My delivery process
I'm not sure how it will be...
Every woman has this feeling I think. I read a lot motherhood articles and I feel scared whenever I read about it. But, this is a normal process for every woman and it's already stated in the Bible that this will happen. I just surrender everything in God's hand and just believe everything will be okay.

3. My post-delivery
Again, while waiting for the deliver the baby, I read a lot of articles and also my friends shared their experience, there's another stage after the delivery process, it's post-delivery! I'm not sure how my situation will be. Especially this will be our first time and my mums are not with me. When thinking of it, it's just scary! and again, I just can surrender to God and be positive about this matter.

4. My motherhood journey
I'm not sure how this work.
After we got our first child, our life will be change TOTALLY! I hope everything will be okay and we can handle it. We choose to go to this path at first place and God can make it happen so I believe, where God guide, He will provide.

I have my faith in God and I'm a normal human so that's why I worried. All I can do is just surrender to God and have faith that everything will be okay.
To answer that question, ready for it? 
Because we know GOD WILL BE WITH US.

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