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Pregnant update: Counting days

08 June 2020

Hi everyone!
As I write this post, I'm currently pregnant 36 weeks 2 days and feeling "uncomfortable" or I'm at the most challenging stage in pregnancy. But, I am a 'good' blogger so I want to share my update. 
Nowadays, I'm getting heavy and heavier. Whenever I walk to go to the office, I always feel so "semput" (hard to breathe) so I need to walk slowly ( which I'm not used to), I used to walk fast. But, what to do now.

How I feel right now?
1. I am happy, can't wait to see our baby
- Our little bundle of joy is almost here.

2. I am nervous as it's our first time to receive a BIG gift in our life
- I can read so many articles or books but that's will be not the same with REAL life experience but maybe that will help.

3. I feel "lazy"
- I feel lazy to do house chores like cooking, tidy up our house or even deco and whatever. I want to do it but my body is heavy and my feet is so painful! Macam ada duri huhu

4. I need to be active aka walk
Arghh...this one is very challenging as my feet is so painful already but I need to be active or walk so I will be easy to labour.

That's all!
I don't know what to write anymore because I feel like I wanna lie down and get some sleep.
Being heavily pregnant and need to be active is the most challenging.
Please bring me in your prayers tonight. <3 <3


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