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The Manhattan FISH MARKET Review | 9th monthsary dinner

Yesterday is our 9th monthsary and as per usual, we will go for monthsary dinner. The original plan is we go for dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop but the rice already sold out so we went to find other places. We tried Nando's but they already closed order. I guess everyone is going out to eating out.
So, lastly, we found The Manhattan FISH MARKET! 
My last time eating here long time already, I don't even remember.
You can check their FB as below:
And, due to I'm too hungry, I just take my food photos...haha, I forgot to take my husband food...haha
So, here is my review.
I ordered Mediterranean Baked Fish
It's tasty but a bit salty for me.
If it's less salty, it will be perfect!! But, everyone taste bud is different so what to do. 
and my hubba ordered as below.
For my hubba, it's taste tasty and he loved it. He can take the salty food.
But, one highlight of our dinner is my drink!
It's so refreshing!!! I love it! You should try it!

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