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Breastfeeding journey : Learning and adjusting

Today is #worldbreastfeedingweek so I want to write one post about it.
The journey is so far challenging. I still need to learn and adjust to this new role in my life.
One of the most challenging is direct breastfeeding.
I've been so stressed about this since I gave birth to our son. I thought this will come naturally for all women that give birth but it's not. Everyone has their own journey and not everyone is the same.

First week
The moment I gave birth, I am positive I can direct breastfeed my baby. Yes, I do it even though I'm not sure about it. I just read the theory about it not practical, my first son after all but I just do it! But, its become worse after I see my baby keep crying and I realized the breast milk does not come out even after 3 days. I am panicking because I know my baby is hungry. I don't want to feed him formula milk at first but my son is hungry and got jaundice. I cried like crazy.

Second week
The worst week ever! I think I almost got my postpartum depression.
Our son was admitted to hospital again, not due to jaundice but less feeding ( the doctors informed me this after they monitor our baby for five days). The moment my son admitted to hospital for the second time, I have decided I don't want to hear anything but just do what I can do based on my situation. I know direct BF is the best, that's how we bond with baby but I've nipples problem that needs to solve and it took time. I've decided to give my son breastmilk using feeding bottle until my son gain weight and be healthy, no more ego. The lesson here is do decide whatever you want to do in your life based on your situation, not what people said.

Third week 
Today, I officially learned how to breastfeed from a breastfeeding consultant. I don't want just search from google and assume this is how to do it. I rather spend my money on this matter. I still learning about this and I don't want to stop learning about it.

To mum to be out there,
don't forget to learn about breastfeeding before you deliver the baby. It's very important and makes you less stress. I've been so lucky because the breastfeeding classes that I planned to attend was changed online due to COVID-19. I am very lucky! I got the hard way to learn but it's okay. This way is to make me learn faster.

For our memories, here are our photos together.


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