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First time try lactation cookies | Biskut membantu meningkatkan bekalan susu ibu

22 July 2020

Hi there...
Finally, I can write! My baby is sleeping. He has been so clingy this week but I love it!
Without further due, today I want to share about something new for me, lactation cookies. This cookies will help boost milk supply. Since I'm breastfeeding my son, so I need to have/boost my milk supply. So, no harm to try this cookies. 
I discover about this lactation cookies on Instagram ( oversea instagram) and I checked on Shopee and its really exist so I order to try.
Just in case you're mum and you want to know more about this, you can read below.

So, here its look like.

My review so far,
yummy!! I can eat cookies ( hehehe)
I will update on whether my milk supply increase or not soon. Keep updated ya.


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