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Monthsary story: We are THREE!

P.s: This post was written by me while our baby is sleeping a few days earlier. 
Thanks, baby Karl!

19 July 2020
It's our 10th monthsary!
It's a little different this month because we have our little bundle of joy with us. I always become the one that super "jealous" because whenever my husband comes back from work, he will ask for our son first and I easily get "jealous". When we sleep at night, he kissed our son before me and I am mad! hahaha.... oops!! TMI( too much information).
I get a little jealous nowadays. But, I am blessed for having such a great husband at my side. There's no other I'm asking for than my husband. When I'm waiting to deliver our baby, he is the one that makes me feel strong and make me feel this journey will be worth it as long as with him.
Now, we are mummy and daddy and I feel so happy when my husband called me mummy when communicate with our son and called me Hny when we have our conversation. I feel SPECIAL and own this little world of mine.
Being a parent is not as easy as we think.
We already had our sleepless night. But, it's okay. This shall be pass...
For now, we will do our best for our baby Karl.
Some photos for our memories. We not yet take our photos together. I feel maluuuu... my face look so sembap!! So, here is my husband in action to take care of our son.

To our son Karl Sibal.
Here is your dramatic mummy and calm daddy ( mummy kasi wakil).
We loved you so much!


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