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Motherhood stories: My thoughts on being a far

Hi there!
Thanks again for visiting my blog.
If you realized, mostly topic on my blog nowadays is all about my married life, pregnancy and now, the new adventure, MOTHERHOOD! No more OOTD or travel. My life is changed... and I love it!
This time, I want to share my thought on being a mother... so far. I'm newbie mum and expect the drama that makes experience mum out there wanna laugh at me ( hehe).
It's okay. I hope these thoughts will make the mum-to-be out there get the glimpse of being a mother especially after just giving birth.
Without further due, let's continue to read.

1. I just feel Wow!
Short but strong!
For this past 2 weeks+( 17 days to be exact as this post written), I just can't stop saying wow!
Wow because how amazing is that I give birth a little human! its come from my body!! God is amazing!!
And, wow because my life has changed TOTALLY! It's weird when I go anywhere without my baby.!!

2. Need to have a strong heart
For this past 2 weeks, I realized that being a mother really need to have a strong heart! Why I say so? 
After just 3 days, our baby admitted to hospital due to jaundice and I know its normal for a baby but seeing my baby sick makes me feel weak and down! Plus, I just give birth and the pain still there!
And, to make it worse, my baby admitted two times at hospital due to, first he got jaundice and the second time due to he is not active, he doesn't want to open his eyes for few hours, it scares me a lot and we rush to go to emergency!! The feeling just crazy!!! I almost get my postpartum depression. I can't believe that.
I am normally strong heart but when I just became a mother, my heart is so weak when seeing my baby not well.
But after seeing my husband try to be strong and my friend, Maz give me encouragements, I decided I want to be strong! and remind me that God is in control! This word really changed who I am!! God is in control! so whatever happens, God is in control! I can surrender to Him.

3. Be ready always
Be ready always!!
Having a baby such challenge! You need to be proactive just like you're at your workplace. I mean, you need to think ahead whenever to go anywhere, for example, go to the clinic. You need to bring the right amount of items that you need because if you over-prepare, you will have a heavy bag and if you're under prepare, your child will crying and you will be stressful.
So, be ready always!

4. Our priority has changed
My son took over my schedule and even my social media now!! My son becomes a high priority in our life. We went shopping and we bought everything for him and for us, no more already ahahah.
I'm on my maternity leave now, thank God! So, I still can prioritize my son and after I get back to work, I know that will be an extra challenge so I will study how to handle that before it's happening.

5. I miss my husband
Okay, called me poyo and extra clingy! Yes, that's me! I always the one that extra clingy to my husband. Whatever I do, I will let him know. He is my everything.
Now, we have our baby, I added our baby as my everything too.
This past two weeks, my focus just on our baby! Sometimes I feel kesian to my husband. I usually take care of him but this past two week, I am adjusting my life with our baby. I don't really know how to handle a baby so I need to learn how to. My husband and my mum helped me a lot. But, I really miss my husband to be really honest!
When our son admitted to hospital, we had alone time after I gave birth and that's really refreshed us. Love is not dead and that love needs to be careful of.

6. Our mum is REALLY amazing
After you become a mum, then you realized our mum is an amazing lady. You know how hard to give birth and care for the baby until independent or until we die. 
So, appreciate and respect our mum.

So, these are my thoughts on being a mother so far.
I don't know whether I'm enjoying it or not but I ADJUSTING to this new norm of my life. 


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