Postmortum Stories: 2 July - 3rd July 2020 | Just me and my baby

02 July 2020

This two days I was alone with my baby.
I feel happy and devastated.
My breast milk is not come out and I can't feed my baby other than breast milk. I need to do breastfeeding. I'm tried but it's not easy as I thought. I gave my breast milk to my baby but I know, he is not satisfy. I really want to discharge from the hospital because I feel so tired and frustrated with my breastfeeding. 
When we discharged, my baby got jaundice. 
I know he get less breast milk...
I feel like my world is upside down when my baby was admitted to hospital. This is new for me and I just can't respond well toward this.
Giving birth is challenge and after giving birth is more challenging.
Thanks to my husband for his understanding and support.


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