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The best thing in life

Happy Weekend!

Arghh... I've the best weekend ever, we finally can meet my family from Sabah( my husband's side) and we can go out ( even though just in the car) but at least we go out! That doesn't matter, what more important is we can spend time with our family by going out, eating and went to places together. I just love this and I'm so craving for this more actually.

Also, our boy wearing new clothes from aunty Amy, thank you Aunty!

My every morning view!
TMI, my husband will do this to our son every morning before go to work and I love it!

He just no feeling face now. I cant wait for his smile.

I'm not asking anything than this. This makes my heart full ( bahagia), we has come this far. We start as a church mate to friend to bestfriend to boyfriend & girlfriend to fiance' to husband and wife for life.
I want to freeze this moment but who am I to do so, I just enjoy the moment and never take it for granted. While we at it, I will love with my full heart and sincerely.
God bless our family always.

Everyone said my son copy and paste my husband's face...haha
Mini Maclare

Give our son breakfast. I am bottle feeding mum.

Inside the car. Let's the journey begin!

We stopped at Putrajaya first to take photos.

Me and my husband even matching outfits. We didn't plan it but after we bersiap, I just realized we have the same color outfit...hahaha, no wonder we are husband and wife, semua dalam fikiran pun sama...

Sempat snap my hubba. My husband getting so much handsome and better since we had our son...haha, he not going to read this so I just write whatever I want.

My son with his grandma.

Grumppy dummpy face.

Try to take wefie together but I terpotong plak.

Back at home.
Back to his another permanent job, being a dad!

That's me, chilling and getting rest!
Usually during weekend, my husband will mostly spend time with our son so I can rest and can do some housework. I am grateful for my husband do this to me. It's very appreciated. Thank you, daddy sayang.

During weekday, our son will menempel to me and on weekend, its my husband turn.

Our dinner. 
Cooking by my MIL. Just love everything!!!!

I just love today.
Can I have every day like this?
Family is always around and we can do and eat together.


#breakfastforhubba: Avocado+Eggs Toast

I have a mission.

I want to make a breakfast for my husband every morning.

For starting, this I can make.

Let's follow up my challenge.


Sunset with my love


After giving birth, it's rare for us to go out just two of us.
We just going out together when we went to the clinic or do some important errands. I really miss going out with my hubby, my love. But, we can't just be just two of us now, we had our little bundle of joy that takes over our life. It's okay, we are family.
Yesterday, due to I need to going out to finish some tasks before I go to work, finally we had this moment. My hubba driving our car and I just menikmati keindahan pemandangan sunset di jalan haha
After that, we went to grocery shopping together. Woww... I feel so good! I had my hubba and I got family that makes me look forward to live everyday.
I hope you also looking forward to live also.
If you feel so negative, please do something, don't keep it.

Feel brand new

After so long, finally, I do a makeover on myself.
I cut and colour my hair.
I just want to feel brand new! hahaa
I am typical kind of girl that whenever the need to feel brand new, need to do something on my hair ahahah
Just in case you're looking for saloon to makeover, you can check this saloon.

Saloon : Calvin Hair, Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi


Percintaan itu... | Kopi Kisah Kita

Hi there!

Apa khabar? Diharapkan semuanya sihat belaka.

Hari ini saya rasa sangat gembira kerana saya keluar dari rumah untuk membeli barang-barang dapur, mencuba sesuatu yang baru dan memandu kereta setelah sekian lama. Benda-benda kecil ini sangat-sangat membahagiakan saya. Terima kasih kepada my hubba kerana membenarkan saya keluar melakukan semua ini dan menjaga bayi kita sendirian. Ini adalah kali pertama my hubba menjaga anak kita sendirian. Apabila berada diluar, saya selalu terfikirkan mereka berdua. Saya takut anak kami meragam dan my hubba tidak tahu berbuat apa tetapi saya percaya my hubba can do it!Semasa keluar, saya membawa kawan saya Wiwie dan kami pergi mencuba sesuatu yang baru iaitu Kopi Kisah Kita. But, I drink Coklat and after the ice is gone.

You can check their info  --> Kopi Kisah Kita

My review are,
- I love the concept ( fun and creative)
- If you like to drink expensive coffee but now you're pokai, this can be alternative.
- The coffee taste( my husband review) is just like normal coffee that we can buy at coffee shop.
- The Coklat I drink just like a normal coklat
But, there's so many menu so maybe you can go try.