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My experience on pregnancy checkup at Malaysia government clinic

Hi there!
When we start found out we are expecting, I'm not immediately going to the government clinic but I went to the private clinic to confirm it. After confirmed, then I went to the government clinic to open the pink book. For your information, you need to open the pink book at the nearby clinic where you lived.
This is my personal opinion so it's not to say bad things about our government clinic ya.

Good points
1. Super cheap ( Murah)
If you are Malaysian, then need to pay RM1 for registration (first-time visit). After that, you need to pay.
2. Super details checking
This is a good thing about the government clinic. For me, this is a good thing for first-time mum since we don't really don't have any idea what will and what's going on with our body.

Bad points
1. Slow
The government clinic is well known for slow services. I don't blame it to anyone. Too many people and not enough staffs ( I guess). So, the waiting time is always long. I always get the morning appointment so I need to take my leave whenever my check-up.
Tips: Get an appointment in the evening( around 2pm-3pm), this will be fewer people.
2. Crowded
As expected. More people in the house. But, due to COVID-19, it becomes less but needs to queue for a long line.
3. Parking problem
One thing I don't like about government services is the parking facility. Always crowded or not having proper parking. I hope they will improve this soon.

Do I recommend to do a monthly check-up at the Malaysia government clinic?
From my personal experience, for the first baby YES! You should go to the government clinic as they check details and you will have a record at the government clinic and it's cheap too. You no need to put aside money for a monthly checkup at a private clinic.
You can go to a private clinic if you can afford it.

I hope this article can help you.


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