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Our 11th monthsary | Our new life


19/August/2020 is our 11th monthsary!! We almost hit our one marriage milestone!

As you guys know, we already welcomed our first son and us thankful for that even though we need to have a 'shift' now. Its really challenging but we need to adjust our life well...haha.

Looking back, we have come very far.

Back in 2015, I met my husband and I thought this meeting guy just meeting another guy along my life journey. I don't know what God plan for me and for us.

God makes us crossed our path and we are lucky because we fall in love with each other.

I choose to love this man since I knew I love him.

I don't really believe in what people called "jodoh"/destiny. We the one that determines our "jodoh"/destiny. We met a lot of people in our lives and we the one that chooses who want to end up with or go this life journey with. Maybe you curious, what makes me choose this man to be my husband?

One important criteria is we both believe in the same God. For me, this is very important and first criteria when come to choose a life partner. But, before that, I did pray and asking God whether he is one because every human can be changed anytime they want. Above all choice I make, I trust God for giving me the best.

Now, we are married for 11 months and we already can feel the ups and downs. So far, we can go through it, thanks to God but many days will come so we don't know what will happen. Only God is my anchor.

To my hubba,

You are my world and my everything. I love you more.

Let's go through this journey together forever.


Your lovely wife.

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